Into the Book

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to be absorbed into a book? Literally?

Arcadia has no choice when she's yanked into the pages of her favourite novel.


2. Rescue Me

The next few days flew by in a blur of homework, food, friends, and sleep. Well, I didn't actually sleep. I laid down in my exquistely comfy bed while I pondered my time in the book. Am I going crazy? Did any of that actually happen or was I dreaming? Maybe I had a brief moment where I let my imaginations run lose and I blanked out for a bit? Any of those theories are more realistic than "a hand reached out of a book and tugged me into a fantasy world". Who could I talk to about this? My parents would probably send me to a mental institution while friends would simply call me delusional and over-imaginative. As I laid in my bed, not once was I tempted to pick up the book sitting on the empty shelf. Until tonight.


It has been almost a week since I have read 'The Rescue', and I'm starting the get the feeling of withdraw. Every night since I first finished the book, I would re-read a different chapter just to remind myself of the characters emotions and thoughts, the excitement of being in a whole other world, and the feeling of being sucked into the story over and over again. And right now: I was craving it. 


I reached a scrawny arm up to pull down the book from the highest shelf on my bookcase. It took several moments of feeling around the dusty wood before I finally brushed my hand against the spine and gently tugged it down. Holding the book safely in my arms, I breathe a sigh of relief. Damn these short legs.

Sitting on the bed, I open up the book and read the chapter where the orphan boy, Oliver, sneaks into the zombie camp to smuggle the princess out, but on their way out they are stopped and there is a big fight. Blood, guts, brains. The action is breathtaking and I can feel my eyes drinking in every word of the page; imagining the whole scene in my mind.


And then the hand is back. With its long, scrawny fingers outstretched, it grasps on to my hunched shoulder and draws me into the pages. Falling into oblivion like a leaf; I weightless and free. When I descend to the bottom, I am suddenly able to open up my eyes and assess my surroundings. I'm lying on a long, hard piece of wood that's probably meant to be a bed, in a room seriously cramped and undersized. There's nothing else occupying the room accept a small round stool, and no exits apart from a complex metal door and a small rectangular window with a set almost three metres off the ground. I'm trapped, but if I'm actually inside the book, and this is the scene where the princess is locked up in the zombie camp then...


"Princess! Princess Arcadia!" A voice calls.


My head snaps up and I see a face peeking through the half-opened window. I can't see the intruder's face but I know it's a boy from the gruff voice that called out to me. If I'm Princess Arcadia then this must mean that I'm being rescued by the orphan boy! 


"Princess, I'm here to help you out," The boy says in a calm tone. He's struggling to push the window open farther to fit more of his body through. "I have been sent by the King and Queen to find and return you to safety."


I step on to the wooden stool and reply, "Please help me, I really want to go home."


"Bear with me a few moments, your highness." I hear shuffling before a thick rope tumbles down and whacks me over the head. I groan quietly while rubbing the bruised spot. "My lady, climb up the rope and I will assist you down the ledge.


My hands grasp around the thick, rough rope and I stare at it for a few moments before attempting to climb up it. I've never been good or even put any effort into gym lessons at school. How can I possibly get to the top without falling to my death? I really regret reading this chapter now. Why couldn't I have read the beginning chapter when the princess was chilling in her big palace instead of this dangerous chapter? I would have loved to experience the palace first hand.


"Would you prefer it if I haul you up while you hold on to the rope?" The boy offers and I hastily accept.


In less than a few minutes, I'm up on the window ledge with the most handsome boy a mind could ever dream of. He's around my age with dark brown hair, almost black, with strands that curl adorably at the ends. Pale blue eyes with a hint of mischief, against a deep tan from all his labor work out in the field during the day. This is the orphan boy I have always read about? Wow. 


"Thank you, Alex." I smile shyly up at him. But then I make the mistake of looking down and my fear of heights begin to kick in. 


"Your always welcome, your highness." Alex replies with a small smile, tilting my face up from the ground to look into his luminous eyes.


"Call me Cadia." I say, a smile still plastered on my face. Am I flirting? Flirting with a fictional character? There is something incredibly wrong with me... Damn his gorgeous face!


"If you wish... Cadia." I can see that he wants to more but stops himself. "We better make our way down before the zombies notice you're gone."


When we're both safely on solid ground, we begin running. But we don't get far before running into a pack of zombies. They've found us and, right now, one is trying to rip my arm off.

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