Two Is Better Than One (1D)

Ever imagine what is was like to share a body, mind, and life with someone else? Well Sutton and Aria don't; because they already do. Sutton and Aria weren't born like everyone else, they are two different souls in one mind. It's Aria's life, though. Sutton is just a voice in the back of her head, she can't control the body. Anymore. Aria won that battle years ago, fair and square. But when Aria stumbles across a group of boys, she can't help but be drawn to one of them; while Sutton is drawn to another. Sutton will defy the rules at any cost just to touch him, feel his soft lips on hers, run her fingers through his curly hair. And Aria will do anything to keep that from happening. Sutton is getting stronger, and Aria has no idea what to do. Will they ever be able to become two again? Or will they forever have to be in each others shadows? (One Direction)


1. Prolouge

Aria and I were born into the same body. At first we thought it was fun, we didn't know what was going on. Our parents worried for us. They thought we had some sort of mental disorder. Once we were tested, and nothing was wrong, it worried them some more. I didn't catch on right away, but Aria did. She realized all of the other kids in kindergarten were just one kid, we were two. 

She fought me. She got too strong. She was always stronger, but she became so overpowering that I became just a voice. It became just Aria's body. Aria's life.

Now she calls me Sutton. We both used to go by Aria, but it became too confusing. Once she took over, I was nothing. We both knew we couldn't tell anyone, not after what we found out. We learned it isn't the first time this has happened. It's actually quite common, but one usually fades. 

When one of the people don't fade, they both get shipped off to a facility specifically for these types of people. They think we're a threat to the human race, that if we had kids they would all be like us. And soon the world will be full of two people trapped in one body, having a war against each other in the back of their heads. 

To me, Aria is like my best friend. Despite the night she tried to get rid of me, we are sisters. And I'm not ready to give life away and fade. Aria's life is like a movie, and I get front row tickets. There are some points that I wish I could take control and live the life I want to, but we both know that's impossible. Aria fought too hard to make this happen, and she won. She was always smarter and stronger than I was. She deserves this life.

But I deserve a life too. 

I still believe it is completely unfair. I don't know why we couldn't just share this body. Maybe because we disagree on about everything. When she wants to go right, I want to go left. When she wants to go to the mall, I want to stay home. When she gushes over Chris Duval, the most popular boy in school, I'm trying to decide between Lays potato chips and doughnuts. When she's listening to One Direction with Chelsea and Sunny, I'm singing Hunter Hayes to us trying to tune them out.

Okay, maybe I do see why we can't share. But we could at least take turns. She knows how badly I want to be able to walk by myself, say my own words, and go my own way. Except it's just impossible. And no matter how much I want it, she'll always be stronger than me. 

And I'll always be the voice in the back of her head.

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