Australian Summer

This story is about this girl Aria.
She was going to go with her friends in summer vacation to france but her parents couldn't afford it so they send her to her aunt in Melbourne,Australia.But what she doesn't know is that she will meet the Janoskians and have the greatest vacation of her damn life.


3. Noises

Aria's POV I was happily sleeping.. And than I hear fucking people screaming like a party next door. I felt annoyed. So I went down stares,I opened the front door,and went to the neighbors house. I really forgot I had Pj's on.. I knocked so hard,I was furious. I don't like it when people disturb me in my sleep.  I take my sleeping pretty seriously. No one opened,so I decided to just barge in,still not thinking that I was wearing pj's and than I see a bunch of guys screaming and one holding a video camera. What the fuck with these people its 3am like get some sleep. And withouth fear I loudly said "Do you know what time it is?!" they all turned around like really surprised a girl just barged in. There was one smiling for some reason like what the fuck.  And than one with a beani said  "I'm sorry we're just youtubers and we're doing a new video"  He said being sorry. "Well I'm sorry for barging in but pls keep it quite pls" I said being serious."Says the girl in pj's" he said being cheeky and flirty. Oh my god I was in my pj's I'm kinda embarrassed. "Well I'm gonna Ignore that,Goodnight" I said than walking away and went back to the house to sleep.   Beau's POV.   "Well I'm gonna ignore that,Goodnight." She said walking away. Damn this girl takes her sleep serious. I just started laughing. And also everybody started laughing. "We have to stop getting in trouble" Jai said. Than everybody started laughing harder. Like yeah right..  "Well she was pretty cute being furious in pj's" Luke said smiling. Idk but I felt like idk Jealousy? I just talked to her like for 8min.. I found her cute also.. I think I liked that furious being in Pj's.. I must make things right. So me and the guys went in the house to sleep.  But I couldn't ,I was still thinking about her,and I didn't even know her name.   -Hey I just met you and this is crazy but I've been thinking about you lately-  
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