Australian Summer

This story is about this girl Aria.
She was going to go with her friends in summer vacation to france but her parents couldn't afford it so they send her to her aunt in Melbourne,Australia.But what she doesn't know is that she will meet the Janoskians and have the greatest vacation of her damn life.


1. Flight.

Aria's POV
So there I was in the plane.
The wrong plane cause I am supposed to go to france with my friends for this summer.
But my parents couldn't afford it,so I guess I'll have to accept the fact that this summer will be absolutely boring as fuck.
But anyways I heard my aunt Natalie got a new house with a pool and stuff so I guess that will make it less suckish.
I slept allot trough the flight.
What made the flight better was the lady next to me.
Sbe was so nice,she told me she lives in melbourne and has three sons and I told her I was gonna spend the summer in melbourne.
The flight was so looong..
seemed like ages...
When finally I hear "BING!"
And a lady saying "Ladies and gentleman we have arrived to Melbourne,Australia I hope you had a good time flying with us and enjoy your stay"

My parents told me that my aunt would send a driver to pick me up wich was pretty cool.
I was walking with my luggage and I feel someone tapping my shoulder and says "Are you miss West?"
"Well yes,are you my aunt Natalie's driver?" I asked.
"Well yes I am Miss West,I'm Robert but you may call me Rob" he said nicely.
"Well I'm miss west but you may call me Aria" I said jokingly.
We both laughed. I followed him outside in the parkinglot wondering wich car was it."So where is our ride Rob?" I asked curiously."Here it is" he said pointing at a limo.
This summer won't be bad after all.
I tried to act not surprised about it.
But I think Rob noticed my face expression.

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