Australian Summer

This story is about this girl Aria.
She was going to go with her friends in summer vacation to france but her parents couldn't afford it so they send her to her aunt in Melbourne,Australia.But what she doesn't know is that she will meet the Janoskians and have the greatest vacation of her damn life.


2. First day in Australia.

Aria's POV

Finally we arrived to my aunt's house wich is huge btw.Its like the friggin kardashians or something like that.
Lol seriously I'm not exaggerating.

So the huge door opened I got out of the limo and there was m aunt Natalie.
She's one of my favorite aunts.
She hugged me tight."Oh my god Aria look how much you've grown!" she said happily.
"I missed you so much aunt Natalie!" I said hugging her back.
We both talked on our way to the house wich is gorgeous btw.
I complimented my aunt for her house ofcourse.
She showed me the guest's room.
Oh my gosh!
Not even my room is this big and cool.
I forgot about france,fuck that shit,this is awesome.
I brought ofcourse my bestfriend with me and by that I mean my skateboard.
So I unpacked my stuff..
I was extremely exhausted so I went to sleep..

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