One Direction in Harry Potter

It's Haley's first year at Hogwarts. She was riding on the train when these 5 second years came in and sat down. The 5 second years were Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Haley sort crushed on Liam when she saw him. Liam felt the same way. But when Liam was put into a diffrent house Haley fell for Niall. Liam found out soon after they started school. Liam was sure confident that she would be his. What will liam do to get the girl and save the day? Read to find out.


28. Chapter 24

Haley's POV
They figured out everything. I was picking up rocks and putting them in a pile. Then I heard a loud noise. Jessica said "Oh my god! Was that the thing that attacked us?" I nodded and continued to pick up the rocks. About 10 minutes later we heard the noise again. I looked at Shannon and she looked as scared as I was. I walked over to her and hugged her. Then we heard talking. Then I walked over to the opening we made. I saw Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Miriam? Was she the one that attacked all of us muggle borns? 

They walked towards us and when they walked through the opening I ran over to Liam and hugged him. Once he let go of me I smashed my lips to his. I felt the smile through the kiss. When we pulled apart I looked around and saw everyone doing the exact same thing. Except for Miriam and Zayn. Then we walked over to where we came from. Then a bird came over. It was motioning for me to grab its legs. I grabbed Liam's hand an he did the same with everyone else. Then I grabbed its feet and it started flying. Then it flew us up to the girls bathroom. We stepped back onto the ground and moaning myrtle was mad for some reason. I saw her eyeballing Zayn. She must have a crush on Zayn. We walked out of the bathroom and before Niall, Louis, Emily, Shannon and I walked back to our common room Liam gave me a kiss. I smiled and Shannon grabbed my arm and said "Come on." I smiled again. We walked back to the common room and went to bed. 
*The Next Day*
Liam's POV
Professor McGonagal wanted to talk to me, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry about what happened yesterday. I met up with Louis and Niall and we walked down to her office. When we walked in we saw Zayn and Harry were standing there. "Come on in boys." We walked in. We stood in a line and listened to everything she had to say.  

Then I said "Your expelling us aren't you? I guess we will pack our things." 

"Not today Mr. Payne." I looked up at her smiling face. I smiled an looked at the boys. Then we walked out and to the great hall. We continued the rest of the year as a happy school. 
Nobodies POV 
Next year, Haley, Shannon, Emily, Miriam, Wana, Albus, Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis have to work together to defeat someone they don't want to believe is still alive. 

             END OF BOOK ONE
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