One Direction in Harry Potter

It's Haley's first year at Hogwarts. She was riding on the train when these 5 second years came in and sat down. The 5 second years were Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Haley sort crushed on Liam when she saw him. Liam felt the same way. But when Liam was put into a diffrent house Haley fell for Niall. Liam found out soon after they started school. Liam was sure confident that she would be his. What will liam do to get the girl and save the day? Read to find out.


25. Chapter 22

Shannon's POV
As we were walking to Moaning Myrtles bathroom we ran into Emily. She looked at us and I said "We know what's attacking everyone... It's a basilisk." 

She looked at me "I've read about those. You can't look at it in the eyes." I nodded signaling that I knew. She came with me as we started again walking to the girls bathroom. Then we ran into Wana. She smirked at us. We rolled our eyes and kept walking. Then when she was out of sight we walked into the girls bathroom. When we were in the bathroom I called out "Myrtle? Myrtle are you in here?" 

She popped her head out of the stall and said "Hello Shannon! What do you want?"

I looked at everyone and they nodded. "We were kind of wondering how you died?" 

She floated above the stalls now and said "I was hiding in the bathroom because people were making fun of my glasses. Then I heard someone come in. They were speaking this language I couldn't understand so I opened the stall to tell them to 'Go away' then I died." 

"Just like that!" 

"All I remember is a pair if great big yellow eyes over there by that sink." She pointed to a sink and I walked over to it. I looked at it and said "This is it!" 

Liam came over to me and started speaking parseltougne. (A/N Ok I don't know how to spell people speaking in parseltougne so here are random letters.) "Hisihotheth!"

The fountain started to move. Then soon there was a opening in the ground. Then Myrtle said "Zayn if you die down there your welcome to share my toilet!" I looked at Zayn and he was blushing. Then Emily grabbed my hand and we jumped in. 
A/N Ohhhhh cliffhanger! So I started writing 2 new Movellas. One I am co- authoring with my friend Taylor aka KarateGirl164(I think) the name is Our Bands Life. The second one is Adopted by Hazza. Plz comment, fav, like!!! Luv you all dearly!!!!


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