One Direction in Harry Potter

It's Haley's first year at Hogwarts. She was riding on the train when these 5 second years came in and sat down. The 5 second years were Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Haley sort crushed on Liam when she saw him. Liam felt the same way. But when Liam was put into a diffrent house Haley fell for Niall. Liam found out soon after they started school. Liam was sure confident that she would be his. What will liam do to get the girl and save the day? Read to find out.


22. Chapter 19

*2 Weeks Later*
Emily's POV
It's been 2 weeks since Haley's been petrified. I really miss her and I hope they un-petrify her soon. 
Zayn's  POV
I can't believe Haley has been petrified! I mean I don't know her well but she was a good friend to me when we ran into each other. Today there are going to have a dueling club. I walked to where they were going to have the dueling club and that's when I saw Liam and Louis. I walked over to them and we started talking. Then the club was starting. They were having us fight against each other. Professor Snape picked Liam and Albus to duel against each other. Liam was winning when Albus said "Serpinsorpia!" Everyone gasped. Liam started walking towards it saying the craziest of things. Eventually Professor Snape killed the snake. Liam walked off and Louis and me grabbed him and took him to another room. I said "Why didn't you tell us you were a parseltougne?" 

He shrugged and said "I never knew?" I calmed down a bit. We nodded and headed back to the club. After a few more duels the club ended. We all walked back to our common rooms. 
Louis's POV
I can't believe Liam is a parseltougne! 
When I got back to the common room I walked over to Shannon and we kissed. She was really depressed and probably won't get any better till Haley is back. I can't wait till they find the person who did this!
A/N Sorry my wizards for the short chapter but I've been busy! First off wish me good luck for I'm starting Marching Band! And second I promise a better chapter the next time I update. I have a question. Do you think anyone else should be petrified? Ok Comment, Fav, Like! Luv you all! 


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