One Direction in Harry Potter

It's Haley's first year at Hogwarts. She was riding on the train when these 5 second years came in and sat down. The 5 second years were Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. Haley sort crushed on Liam when she saw him. Liam felt the same way. But when Liam was put into a diffrent house Haley fell for Niall. Liam found out soon after they started school. Liam was sure confident that she would be his. What will liam do to get the girl and save the day? Read to find out.


12. Chapter 10

A/N I have chose to be on the Sytherin Qudditch team is Miriam  Grant. Congrats!!! Sorry but I really liked her and I was really hard to choose! Again sorry to everyone! 

~Grace enjoy;)


I walked away after I found out Liam liked me but I was never able to look at Niall or Liam the same way again. It turns Jessica is on the Gryfindor Qudditch team. We were just outside the stadium when we ran into Emily. She was crying. I asked her "Emily what's wrong?!"

 She looked at me and said"It's Harry! He's being a total jerk to me! He's never like this be for Qudditch!" I thought about that and I knew the answer... It was me. I hugged her and Jessica and I went to meet our team. We got there and Sam looked at me. He asked me "You nervous?" 

I nodded and he said "I remember my first game." I didn't want to ask but I sort of wanted to. I mounted my broom as did everyone else. We all pushed off the ground and we flew onto the field and I saw Miriam. She was my only Slytherin friend. I wouldn't consider Harry a friend anymore. I saw Madam Hooch say something but I didn't pay attention. I was too busy eyeing Albus. Ever since he called me mud blood, I hated him. I always knew he was trouble. 

I heard Madam Hooch say "I want a nice clean game." I smirked. Yeah like that was going to happen. The game started and I went above everyone else. I was keeping an eye out for the snitch which ended the game and gave the team who caught it 150 points. I watched them fight over the quaffle. This is the ball you throw into the hoops at each end of the field. Then I flew down lower so I could see better. That's when a bludger almost hit me. I almost fell off my broom. Then Albus flew by me and said "Alright there mud blood?!" Then I saw the snitch! It was floating right above Albus's head and he didn't even notice. I flew after it and he fell off his broom. He hit the ground and seems like he might have broken his arm. I didn't care. I flew after the snitch and I was so close to reaching it. That's when a bludger came out of nowhere and hit my arm. It broke my arm as soon as it hit my arm. I heard a 'gasp' from the crowd. I looked back from my arm to the snitch and I let go of my broom and I reached for the snitch after a few seconds I fell off my broom. I laid there on the ground and I felt something in my hand. I looked and saw I caught the snitch. The crowd went wild. I was so happy!

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