Dancing in the Dark *one direction *

Ava cole and valerie jones are 16 year old orphans with rough pasts and a passion for dance.All they want to do is dance without being scolded at.When one thingleads to another,Ava and valerie find themselves with anne,the mother of harry styles. read to fing out what happens next.....


1. AVA pov

I watched carefully at the way the black gavel crumpled beneath my ballet points as we walked along the empty streets of Holmes Chapel England.My lips pried apart,trying to speak,but quickly  shut back together forming a long exaggerated sigh.

"ease up aves.she wont cath us.she never does."Valeries raspy voice stung my ears,causing my head to shoot up.

Valerie and i were like sisters to say atleast.we`d been stuck between those four white walls with a single dresser and a bunk for countless years.M.r.s williams,also known as the spawn of the devil,was our typical ánnie orphanage`care taker.

I guess valerie and i were the usual trouble makers.its not that we didnt have respect for authority,we just wated to DANCE.And every night we`d sneak to make sure of it.

We`d always secretively tip toe our way down holmes chapel preforming arts center just as the final dancers would scatter out of the building.

"what if she does one day?" i finaly reply."what if she does valerie? i hate this.i just wanna dance.why can't she just let me dance?"tears brinked my icy blue orbs,begging to pour out.

"Ava cole,pull it together!"she set her hands firmly on my shoulders,turning me around abruptly.Her olive green eyes sparkling under the streets glow as they bored into my own.Her chocolate brown waves began to glide along with the wind. TO BE CONTINUED......


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