Dancing in the Dark *one direction *

Ava cole and valerie jones are 16 year old orphans with rough pasts and a passion for dance.All they want to do is dance without being scolded at.When one thingleads to another,Ava and valerie find themselves with anne,the mother of harry styles. read to fing out what happens next.....


2. AVA pov continueation

valeries chocolate brown waves began to glide along with the wind,making her whole atmosphere all the more picturesque."Do you know you're not the only one going through this?"her voice became softer and full of hurt. "I'm sorry,valerie."i say,straightening out my shirt.She giggled at my gesture,pulling out her raybans and placing them lopsidedly onto the bridge of her nose.

"Valerie...stop." i groaned,my hands trembling.She chuckled as she fixed the glasses straight upon her face."OCD."she mumbled,begining to walk away."Am not!"

I quickly pushed a lock of my honey blonde hair behind my ear,catching up to valerie."At least i'm not a bad-ass-leather-jacket-wearing girl."i huffed

we walked up to the building,seeping through the bushes that rimmed the old brick structure. "i think they are all gone."valerie whispered,stalking towards the back exit.My body seemingly carried me faster than expected, sending me tumbling fowards.

i cringed as i saw the stain taking place on my knees. "ava...here.i brought you extras."valerie whispered, pushing through the stage door.We walked onto the glistening black stage.i pushed my eyelids together, squeezing them shut tightly as i imagined the empty chairs filled with people.

"change or else im starting without you."val groaned,throwing her backpack at me. i quickly changed into her skin tight yoga shorts,making me feel highly insecure.

She chuckled,setting up her i pod.the sound of 'scream' by usher filled the areana,causing a smile to smear across my lips "leggo."valerie sing-songed,getting into position.

We both danced , puttiing our all into it.We had been working on this song for about a week now, which meant we had been putting our heart and soul into the dance.We were aiming for becoming famous...leaving that awful place.We had had to dance like we wanted it. as the song came to an end,we laid against the cold stage floor,letting out cold gasps of air."that...was...good!"i tried to speak cheerily.

"good job aves!"valerie wwhimpered, pulling her hair up to the crown of her head, forming a messy bun.We both winced as we saw the janitor burst through the doors, scolding at us.

we jumped yo  our feet ,runing of the building and falling into the dark alley way.The lights were dim and i couldn't see valerie."val-"i was cut of by my body being pelted against the brick wall.

A heavy fist collided with my jaw, causing me to sink to the ground. the last thing i heard was the patter of feet before it went black.


Hi guys please tell me when you want me to keep writing down in the coment bock and this has alot of bad wors just a reminder that the story is also in wattpad love,


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