Hogwarts, my home

This is my entry for the One week @ hogwarts competition. Hope you like it!!! ~Prongs (Sara)


9. The end

I woke up to sunlight beaming through a window. I tried to sit up, but my body ached like my soul was about to be disembered from my body, something I almost experienced two years ago. I looked around and the room seemed to be empty. I suddenly clued into where I was. I was in the Infirmary. I heard some laughs and cheers coming from the main door. I was puzzled, why would people be cheering?

Then that night's encounter with Bellatrix hit me so hard, I could have been flung towards the other side of the room. I broke down crying. A couple of boys entered the infirmary. Wiping away my tears, I looked at them. I realized that it was Fred and George.

"Woah, there. You are lying back down." Fred said as he gently, yet firmly pushed my shoulders back towards the bed.

"Wait..... What?" I asked, confused. 

"So you don't remember anything from what happened?" George asked me, baffled. 

"Remember from what?" I asked again. 

"Here, let us fill you in. After the Gryffindor common room was found in a disaster, Madame Pomfrey came to get your body and bring it back to the Infirmary, hence why we're here." George started. 

"Everyone who knew you… so technically, the entire Gryffindor house, was waiting for the infirmary to open and when it did, some of them went a little hysteric. They weren't allowed in. We sprinted from the doors, and now you're caught up." Fred finished. 

"So, how long was I out?" I asked them. 

"Three days. It's been about a week since your birthday." 

"Okay..." I mumbled sleepily. My eyes closed, and I opened them once more and said, "You know who did it?" 

"No," they replied in unison. 

"Promise not to tell?" they nodded. "It was Umbridge, she let in Bellatrix," I looked at them and smiled. "You're not allowed to tell, remember?" I told them as I fell asleep. 


And that's my week at Hogwarts. 


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