Hogwarts, my home

This is my entry for the One week @ hogwarts competition. Hope you like it!!! ~Prongs (Sara)


8. So, maybe I didn't die...

I was shocked out of my state in the morning when some second year screamed a blood curling scream because she came and found me on the ground and the furniture all messed up. I felt sorry for her, that she had to see this. I realized that I had passed out with my eyes open. I still couldn’t move. I was weaker than before. The worst part was I was right by the fire, and I was cold. Not even my body parts near the fire were warm. In less than twenty seconds, everyone was downstairs in the Common Room because of the scream. Some of the murmurs going around the fourth years were “Is she even alive?” and “How did this happen?” Ginny seemed to be the only one who was shaken up but was helping me. Believe me; I was as scared as them. Ginny was calling my name and wiping up my forehead with a cloth and water somebody had provided her. Hermione helped Ginny, by checking vital signs. I wanted to scream at them “I’m alive; just get me to the infirmary please!” but I didn’t have the strength to. Fred and George seemed to come down last. Poor George looked heartbroken and so did Fred. I wanted to tell them that I was fine and that I wanted them to come close to me so I could whisper funny jokes to them. Hermione got up and ran to Fred and George to tell them what was happening. They all came closer. Fred touched my face with his warm hands. That sent a shiver down my whole body.

“Harry! Ron! Get Madame Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall! NOW!” Hermione shouted at them. They ran out of the Common Room immediately. George picked me up and cradled my broken, fragile body in his arms. My head was positioned so that I could look right into his eyes. His eyes were glassy-looking. Then I realized he was trying to hold back tears. I seemed to find that from last night’s little ‘incident’, I still had tears left over. I let them pour out of my eyes. George seemed to be stunned. Then he laughed a little. It wasn’t a funny laugh; it was a nervous laugh of relief. He cradled me closer and started to talk to me. By this time, Professor McGonagall had come and Madame Pomfrey was on her way. Professor McGonagall looked at me and asked what happened.

“We don’t know.” Was Hermione’s response. “She was attacked and whatever it was, it wanted her dead. But by the looks of it, she fought back.” George went to position my body properly and inhaled quickly. He saw my blood covered forearm.

“Can we get a wet rag over here?” He asked impatiently.

“What for?” Professor McGonagall asked. Somebody had handed a rag to Fred as he did the task his brother motioned him to do. Mudblood was still on my arm. It was still a deep cut. It had stopped bleeding, but like I said before, it’s gonna scar.

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