Hogwarts, my home

This is my entry for the One week @ hogwarts competition. Hope you like it!!! ~Prongs (Sara)


4. Class with Umbridge

"Mmh!" Umbridge cleared her throat, and did that little laugh that she thought was a laugh. To me, it was just really annoying, and stupid.

"Today we will be learning some techniques on how to hold the wand. After that, we will be doing some blocking maneuvers."

"More like 'man-ew-vers'!" Seamus Finnegan whispered to me. I stiffed my giggle so Umbridge wouldn't notice. I sit beside him in Defence Against the Dark Arts and I sit beside Dean Thomas in Transfiguration. Sometimes it can be funny, other times- a nightmare.

"I just wish we had Lupin back..." I whispered back to him. He nodded in agreement. As soon as we knew it, we had missed the entire 'talking' part of the lesson, and Umbridge was walking around. She was looking at how people were applying her lesson to their studies. She came to Seamus and me. I was given a long cold-hearted stare, which I gladly returned with my own evil eye... I was proud of myself.

"Excuse me, I presume that you are applying the lesson I have just taught, to your studies?" Umbridge asked me. Half of the kids in our class turned around to look at what was happening.

"Yes, I am, Professor... I was just telling Seamus how to properly hold his wand." I gritted my teeth when I said 'Professor'. She wasn't even some professor! She was a stupid Ministry worker!!! For the rest of the entire day I was miserable. I wasn't even cheered up by Fred and George at lunch. During Divination, I kept getting bewitched paper airplanes with cheesy jokes from them.

At dinner, I was sitting by myself, as usual. I was meeted by a rushed Fred and George. They seemed... well... worried. About what, I don't know.

"What happened to you?!" George asked frantically.

"What do you mean?" I asked back, countering his question.

"We sent you airplanes when you were in Divination! Didn't you get them?" Fred asked me. I pulled out the entire stack of letters that I had gotten and placed them on the table with a loud THUD!

"Yes, I believe I did get them..." I responded.

"Then why are you so glum!?" They asked me at the same time. Geogre touched my arm and a shiver was sent down my spine.  I looked at George, who glanced at Fred, who stared back at George, who pulled me into a giant hug.  I was overwhelmed by what was happening. Maybe they thought something was going to happen…

"Please just Avada Kedav--" I caught myself from saying it, for I still had my wand in my hand. "Please just kill me now…" I muttered underneath my breath.

"Why we'd NEVER!!!" George whispered back. I crossed my arms across my plate and put my head down forehead first.

"Are you alright?" Fred asked me frantically.  He propped me up, and against his twin no doubt.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I lied smoothly.

"Are you sure?" George inquired.

"Bloody hell! You look as pale as a snowflake!" Ron said, putting his nose in our conversation.

"I said I'm fine!" I gave the three brothers the evil eye look, as I jerked myself away from Fred and George. I picked up my stuff and went to sit at the end of the table, closest to the doors, not once looking back.

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