It's a Peazer thing.

Meghan,Julie,and Carly are best friends with Eleanor and Danielle.Lucky them,both girls are at home,so When Meghan Julie and Carly go over the gals house,they are in for a big surprise,well it's not a surprise but,they just don't know that they are meeting who they are.......It's a peazer thing.


1. It's A peazer thing. Ch.1



Meghan's P.O.V



It was 7:00 pm,Carly and Julie hadn't gotten here yet,Danni was desperate and bored with Eleanor waiting.I was just sitting down on my couch,already dolled up,watching t.v,and well..i was ready to go!

Suddenly,my iPhone buzz's.I unlock it,and Carly is calling.I groan and pick up.

"It's about time!where are you?"i exclaim.

"Calm down alright?...gosh im still driving,there's traffic,i won't be there until another 20 minutes or so"she reply's

I slam my palm on my face."god no!,El and Danni are waiting,and have been waiting!,they are going to say no once your here"

I could hear Carly sigh on the phone."well im sorry,eat some popcorn or something,wait,what about Julie?"

"She hasn't even called either."i roll my eyes."ooh...ooooh"Carly whispers.My eyes flutter,and i stand up."Whatever,i'll call them and say there's been a delay"

"ok,i'll be there in a few minutes"Carly mumbles.I nod knowing that she won't see it."kk"i bite my lip.

"bye","bye"i hang up.u-huh,sure going to be a fun night!..:/


Danielle's P.O.V



"UGH!...WHERE ARE THEY?"i shouted as i looked at my iPhone.It was 7:15 and they were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.

"Calm down Danni,im sure they just got caught up in something"Eleanor rubbed my back."im sure they're on their way". I shook my head side to side rapidly.

"well why haven't they called to at least inform me?"i asked rubbing my forehead.I could hear Eleanor open her mouth,but she quickly closed it.

"I thought i could finally-","babe whats wrong?"Liam suddenly comes in.I let out a breath."Oh nothing,it's just that my best friends are supposed to come,but they seems to be taking long and,i don't think they're coming anymore"i frowned.

Liam crouches and puts his hand on my knee."aw it's ok,im sure they'll come,maybe there's just traffic"he rubs my knee.

I smile a little."ok,i'll give them some time"i sigh."yeah,maybe they're getting ready so that they can look good for you!" Eleanor squeals.

I giggle a little,stand up,grab liam's hand,gesture at el to follow,and walk out to the living room.

Hopefully they do come as everyone says.



Meghan's P.O.V



"finally"i say getting in Carly's car.She smiles."im sorry i was late,there was just an accident in the freeway and,yeah,i was stuck"she whispered.

I smile."it's ok,but hurry up,lets go"i checked the little mirror on top.

"what about Julie?"Carly asks."she said she's going to meet us there"i replied whilst applying lip gloss.

After i do my make up,i call Danni.

"Danni! im sorry we're so late but it's just that we were stuck in traffic so it was like ugh,but we are out of traffic now so we'll be there in 15,10 minutes"i exclaimed.

"omg,OK!"she said softly.I smiled."ok see you love"i scratched my eyebrow."ok,bye"


We had gotten to Danni's Flat like 10 minutes later,and i could see that Julie's car was already there,but she obviously wasn't inside yet,we wanted to surprise her.

I got out the car and walked over to Julie's car.I knocked on her window,which made her jump and place her hand on her chest.

She grinned and opened the door."Gosh you scared me!"she nearly yelled.I chuckled,and hugged her."i can't wait for her reaction"i jumped.

Julie,me,and carly all put hands over our backs and walked to the front door.

We stood in front of it not knowing who to knock on it."Ok you know what,i'll just do it!"i swung my hands to the little button.

The doorbell rang,and i could hear footsteps."here she comes guys"i whispered with excitement.

Yayy!.I got to see her bouncy curls again...

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