the killing truth WW1

its the old man playing tricks on his grandson and creating craze to destry everything that gets in his way....


1. the only chapter

      The Killing Truth

       World War One

The horror returns but a different time and situation and I shall tell the story from demon’s asylum called hell, but this time it’s my grandson Derek who will be the main part of this story who I never met in my life because if that damn doctor if he didn’t drive me mad this very night 50 years ago when my Bridget laid dead on the soft cotton bed.

Derek was a soldier who killed for George the sixth and will never give up until his time was over but yet he did not know it was very close, so close that it was creeping on to him step by step and still reaching for his death.

Derek was coming home after he got shot from a German soldier, but his house collapsed to pieces after a brutal weather strangely appeared out of nowhere and so he haft to live in Silverdale farm that use to be Pritchard Manor.

Pritchard Manor has been haunted by me and the farmer and the innocent Bridget who walk the house in different dimensions still lurking in the chamber the mine’s and the forbidden corridors that laid the blood of the doctor and myself and yet Derek does not go in Pritchard Manor alone.


Derek brings injured soldiers like himself to a trap that will bring a world to a start of the biggest oblivion that shall destroy this entire story to it last remains’ of dust and then creates nothing but agony and despair.

The day was coming to an end and yet so of Derek’s life and some of the men were disappearing quickly but shall it end were I ended, question’s shall be answered soon.

The night creeped on to them fast and it all started to occurred, wall’s started to creek and some of the soldiers were curios’ of where are the other soldiers and then a tap, tap, tap Derek shouted ‘who is there’ he asked and then a thousand screams killed all the soldiers except 2 of them, Derek then heard my whisper I sent him that said ‘kill them the soldiers’ and he listened like a waiter taking a order from a customer.

Derek killed both of the soldiers like I commanded but the night is still not over I still have more up my ghostly sleeve.

Derek went insane and that mean’s death was on his way to slay my grandson.

It was my turn to play the card so I sent Bridget to weep over Derek and weaken him for death just like what the farmer did to me.

Bridget was coming for Derek and the night has yet 1more monstrous hour left to scare the hell out of DEREK!

Death was coming for poor little injured Derek and Derek was sitting in the very same spot where I sat when I told what the world is just a black awful gag it is and how I prove my point about the world.

5 minutes until the start of Derek’s oblivion and the never ending guilt, but what will happen to Derek and will there be an end to this domestic gag, I am hoping that this will never end, the death and creation of my own fun that will evolve into a pure mastermind of evilness.

Bridget came into the room and said ‘I’m your grandmother and I was killed by a rich man who own this land’ Derek started to cry again then Bridget faded in the door and left for nevermore.

Death arrived till one minute before I died in my chamber room and you must be thinking it’s one of the soldiers or the farmer who lived across the road who was death in the tattered robes this time but well your questions shall be answered now.

It was me the killer who had been haunting Derek and then he looked at me like the doctor did when I held that fire poker and the fire poker was in the same place were the farmer left it and it still had my blood dripping down across it, so I picked it up and then massacred Derek like the doctor.

So the story had been commenced and the deaths were still brutal like the last time I tell the story but there still more to tell?




But what will happen next, mother kill farther or brother carved up by a mugger but the story does not end, THIS STORY IS A ENDLESS OBLIVION THAT WILL TERRORISE THE UNFORTUNITE READERS!



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