My encounter with the Dark Queen of Arramance

Arramance is the city of the undead. The city where nobody is happy, everyone is either half dead, or they're just miserable and are near to their end. Young Elizabeth was just 16 years old when she found this awful place. She didn't want to go but she didn't want to leave when she got there...


1. The Family "Day Out"

Annually, me and my completely and utterly embarrassing family go for a 'special' day out. It's awful, I hate it so much I could not possibly begin to describe the misery it causes for me, but nevertheless, my mother enjoys it, so we do it for her sake. My name is Elizabeth, I am 15 years of age, almost 16 in a number of weeks. My family is made up of me, my brother, Jahmene and my mother and father, who're constantly arguing, or if they're taking a break from that, they're embarrassing me instead. No hope! 

Anyway, getting back to my original point, our day out is today and we're going to the beach. I hate the beach with a passion. Who could like the sand which has been poisoned with disgusting odors and rotten things from the sea getting stuck in between each of your toes? I for one certainly don't! But again, it's for my mother and for her i'd lose a limb. My father doesn't care, he'll just go with what my mother wants at the end of the day. She always wins each and every one of their petty little arguments anyway. 

We load the freshly made sandwiches  and other picnic items into the back of my father's silver car, which has been battered severely from previous car incidents. I clamber into the backseat with my brother beside me. I glare at him and he smiles, showing all his teeth, which are at the moment covered in gooey chocolate which he has eaten. I squeal in such disgust, he really is foul, well, aren't all brothers? I turn away from him in anger, he's 9 but he acts like a 5 year old. I don't know, I just expect  him to act a little more 'grown up', but i'm sure that's because I assume he's much older than he actually is. As the car's engine starts to roar, so does my stomach. I'm absolutely famished, but my mother keeps telling me that we'll be there soon.

After 30 minutes of groaning about my hunger, we arrive at the beach. I mumble to myself under my breath, making sure no one hears me. 'I hate this stupid place, who could possibly enjoy it, urgh  So much for a fun day out!' I pull a face and drag my feet. My mother turns to me in such frustration and anger and tells me off sharply, but whispers so no one can hear that we're an 'embarrassment', so she tells me. I then pull a sarcastic grin and she looks at me and shakes her head in boredom, i suspect. We find a lovely spot, I have to admit, just in the shade for my benefit, but also in the sun for my mother's. She lays down the tattered blanket and we sit on it together. I look out into the distance as my brother and father wander off with a frisbee, tossing it to and from each other. My mother puts her arm around me and sighs, "I know you hate this day out we have every year, but we really do try to make it nice for the pair of you. It's not often we get to get out of the house and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Try and enjoy yourself sweetheart, it's only once a year after all." She smiles at me, squinting slightly because of the bright sunshine. Now I really do feel awful. She's right, she's struggling with money and to get out of the house is supposed to be a treat, and yes, she does try extremely hard so that we can get out more often.

I smile back at her, this time unsarcastic, and lean on her, "It's not that bad, and I appreciate your effort which is put into this, I really do, but i'm not much of a beach person to be honest, that's all." I looked up at her and she smiled back, understanding everything I said. I did love moments like this with my mother, just us two girls together, discussing things that I wouldn't dream to talk about with my brother or my father.

"Would you like an ice cream sweetheart? If so, any preferences?" She got up and shook the sand from her which had 'mysteriously' gotten onto our blanket somehow. 

I couldn't resist, I did love ice cream after all, "Yes please and ooo mint choc chip would be lovely right about now!"

She smiled warmly and wandered off towards the small ice cream stand nearby. 

I sat on my own and looked out into the distance before my eyes. It was so beautiful and I admired all of it. Then a small, hunched over woman walked past. She seemed to be very peculiar, or at least her appearance did, but I wasn't a stereotypical type of person so I smiled, like I would to any other person who passed by. She glared at me in such a way that I felt an uncomfortable feeling withing my stomach, brewing and boiling like a rotten potion which she had poisoned me with. I gulped and blinked from the horrid feeling, and after I had she'd gone. It was so strange, I couldn't begin to tell you, I had never felt anything quite like it in my whole, entire life. And I hope that it'll continue to be like that once more, starting from today!

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