A new me a new day

A girl called Caitlin moved school because her mum got a new job , her new school isn't what she thought it would be ,she try's out for cheer leading but because jane the head cheerleader thinks she will become more popular than her she says she isnt good enough .Niall the most popular jock in school sees she doesn't get in and starts to talk to her .
She starts her own dance group for all the girls who don't get into the cheer leading squad !!!!


3. The start of the dance group

The next day they went to school and put all the posters they had made up it said "dance group starting after school, all those who want to come or didn't get into the cheerleading squad then this is your chance"


later that day niall walked by the poster and went to see who started this dance groupe to only fined out it was that day and he wanted to try out so he ran to the hall and asked if he was late and Caitlin's eyes opened wide and said no its not let's see you move . 


When they were reading all the boys who got in there were only 1 place left so niall decided to start to pack his bag .Cailtlin read out the last name niall , jumped with joy and ran into the starting position that Lisa had set him .

lisa told Caitlin to go ask if he wants to go for a smoothie after dance it took her about 20 minutes to ask him 

do you want to go out for a smoothi she asked very quietly " ye okay when " after dance class " 

"it's a date " niall said 


after dance niall asked if she wannted Caitlin a lift to the smoothie shop  and she said ye let's go and they drove off to it .

when he dropped her of at home he said "we should do this more often to try to get to know each other  "

when she opened the door Lisa was standing there telling her to tell her everything 

are you together is it a thing what's happening ?? 

Ojay well he said we should do it again *scream* by Lisa 

The next day at school niall came running up to and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said tonight babe ?? And I said ye tonight!!!!

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