A new me a new day

A girl called Caitlin moved school because her mum got a new job , her new school isn't what she thought it would be ,she try's out for cheer leading but because jane the head cheerleader thinks she will become more popular than her she says she isnt good enough .Niall the most popular jock in school sees she doesn't get in and starts to talk to her .
She starts her own dance group for all the girls who don't get into the cheer leading squad !!!!


2. The sign up !!!


It was the second week of the semester and already Caitlin had made so many new friends . She was walking to lunch she seen the  cheer leading try outs poster It said "tryouts 2:30 Friday after school. After she read it she turned around so quick she didn't see Niall and crashed into him and they both fell over, Niall started to laugh and smile at Caitlin and Caitlin smiled back and started to laugh and apologies for falling into his arms. After school she invited Lisa her new best friend and said "aww it was so in arising today I fell into Niall and omg was it perfect he is so lovely not like all of the other jocks " 

lisa said to her in a serious voice " you can't like him he is with the head of the cheerleading she will seriously make your life a livening hell "

Caitlin argued but Niall Is so perfect and sweet he is not like no other boy ,oh and I'm joining the cheerleading squad well that's if I Get into it of course "

 Lisa and Caitlin was talking for hours and they didn't realize the time so Caitlin invited Lisa to stay the night her first slumber party in her new house ,they watched films they had makeovers all the sleepover stuff 

 it was the day of the auditions Caitlin walked in and cheered  for the head of the cheer squad and Niall was there to , the head of cheering was called Jane and she said "you don't have what it takes o be in our squad but he only decided this after  Caitlin and Niall looked at each other with smiles and flirty looks .


Caitlin said fine I'm not in but I'm making a dance group which will be more popular than this cheer squad "

caitlin stormed out and walked right to lisa and said will you help me make a dance group for this school so we can compete and have fun ???




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