Louis Tomlisons daughter

I'm Louis tomlinsons daughter sometimes I hate it because the paparazzi and people who bully me but I have a friend well more of a best friend his name is lee Payne yes he is Liam paynes son he's my bestest friend in the while world what happens when she grows feelings for him will he feel the same way read to find out


1. The beginning

Hi I'm Abby Tomlinson, and I have a best friend named lee Payne and he is Liam paynes son. ABBYS P.O.V 

Today I ran home crying because all the people were being mean because I'm Louis Tomlinsons daughter when I ran past lee he ran after me until we got up to the Park and went into the big rock on the side because underneath there's something so beutiful. When I got inside I just sat down and started crying until lee came in "are you ok Abby" lee asked "ya" I said and that's when I did something stupid I kissed him "lee....I'm sorry.... I- I don't kn-know why I did th-that" I studdered "it ok I have been wanting to do that for awhile because I'm in love with you" and then he kissed me again "I love you to lee" 

Tell me if you like it by commenting and I will keep writing -Sofia :) :{ 

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