a trip to hogwarts

one week at hogwarts can you help harry homine and harry in there biggest adventure ever


1. welcome

On the night before the trip to Hogwarts I sat in my bed reading the brochure,they had given us the week before. I had looked over it about ten times already.I couldn't  stop thinking about it meeting Hermione,Ron and Harry, it was all so exciting I had only read about it in books but this was the next level. Mum came in to my bedroom and said " you should be asleep by now " I said "okay". I went to sleep and had this weird dream that someone didn't want me to go.It came to the day of the trip,we were staying there for a week so we went on the train and when we got there we had to ride dragons.Hogwarts was brilliant it had grand staircases and beautiful pictures on the wall and wonderful turrets. We got welcomed by Harry,Hermione and Ron they took us to the dining hall and put the sorting hat on our heads, much to my delight I was put in to Griffindor.  

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