A Week At Hogwarts (Kingsley)

A Week At Hogwarts Contest


5. Who the hell are you??




I climbed out of the dungeon and walked around the halls of Hogwarts, then all of the sudden this old guy with black hair walked up to me and was like 'aren't you that lawyer that is supposed to be in the dungeon?'

And I was like 'No! I ain't gonna go back in that damn ass dark place....you crazy.??!?!?!?!'

He looked at me for a while , for as I supposed I wasn't supposed to talk to him like that.

Well I guess its a guy it sounded like one but it was wearing a robe and it had long hair.

So we will be calling this thing an it because we don't know what the fuck IT is!!

Damn how do I get out of this ratchet ass place.

I kept walking until I found the door!! BOOHYAH KINGSLEY'S GETTING OUT AND GOING HOME!!! I ran towards the light. 'FREEDOM FREEDOM I LOVE THE LIGHT! TYLER OAKLEY HERE I COME!!'

I screamed as I ran towards it faster. Right when I got to the edge of the door this big fat man about 20 feet flicking high was in my way. 'What do you think your doing?' He asked and my reply was...........'Who the fuck are you .....Jumbo the Giant?'

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