A Week At Hogwarts (Kingsley)

A Week At Hogwarts Contest


7. The End

 Im sorry to say that i am finishing this story because.. well we can all say if Kingsley ever went to Hogwarts he would never come back. He would always end up in the dungeon. Well I knew this story would never be popular it was just something i wrote for fun. Oh by the way.... Its time for dinner. If you havent seen that you need to. It's called This isnt High School Really B Really? So you need to watch it and all because its hilarious. This picture is of Beatrices mom. She is saying...."Beatrice!! Are you losing your virginity up there?? I heard disturbing noises!!!"  So just watch it an laugh. This is the End of 'A Week At Hogwarts (Kingsley)'. Bye (: Thanks for reading!



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