A Week At Hogwarts (Kingsley)

A Week At Hogwarts Contest


2. How I Became The Lawyer

Ok so I was thinking that I should continue this story, but Kingsley Style.



I was sitting at home doing my youtube video on Harry Styles. 


I was All Like


"Let Me feel your curls Harry and he'd be like 'NO' and i'll be like 'Why not bitch!!' and he'd  Probably be like "Cuz Im not gay" The 'What does me having to touch your mutha---"  And of course I get cut of by that damn mother fucking phone. 

"Hello." I answered annoyed. And this bitch went on talking for hours about how this fucking place called hogwarts need a damn lawyer. And I was like "Fine"  and she told me I had to go to the train station and go onto platform 9 and 3/4 and I'm like "Bitch There is no such thing as platform 9 and 3/4." And she told me how to do it. So I finally went down to the train station and I actually figured out to get into that damn platform. It was fucking awesome, but when I got There I lost my fucking hat. Then this train came up and took me on a mother fucking long ass ride to this giant castle. When I got there these two old farts come out and show e around , they introduced me to this old, ugly guy carring some ratchet ugly ass cat with him.  When I was done I had to go to my first case, Which Involved one of those old farts!! Im gonna guess that the old woman tried to fucking rape this girl called Hermoine. Who the fuck names their damn ass kid Hermoine. Stupid bitches. When I got there the doors of the room of requirement would NOT OPEN! and I was totally screwed. My first day and Im gonna be F-I-R-E-D. I tried opening it a few more times but it didnt work. Darn my first real job that I actually wanted to keep. ......NOT!! 


*4 hours later*


Hermoine came out the room and walked over to me.She was like "Potrificus totalus" And I was like. "Girl BYE"


I walked away and thats how you be a bad bitch at hogwarts!!



They caught up to me and put me in the dungeon. The only things I had for compony was this kid named Neville and a fucking 3 headed dog!!! Who names there fucking kid Neville.?????

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