A Week At Hogwarts (Kingsley)

A Week At Hogwarts Contest


4. Getting Out Of The Dungeon

"Who the hell are you?" I asked

"Mmmm my name is Neville" he said Who the fuck names the damn kid Neville what the hell. I HATE THIS PLACE!!!

"Why the hell are you down here?" I asked.

"Umm....I kinda got locked down here" he said Oh my God. 

Everybody's so stupid. I'm not staying down here.

Time to dump this kid and make a break back for California.

I stood up with the rest of my dignity and walked up the ladder.

"Girl bye!" I said to him as I left.

"But I'm not a girl." He yelled. Oh I think we both know he is.

Now how the fuck do I get out of here??

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