A Man With No Place...

John is a misunderstood homeless man, looking for help. All he wants is for someone to notice him, but all people do is pass by and laugh at him. He wants a place in life,for people to notice he's even there...Will John ever become part of society?


2. The Job Search

So, I was currently sleeping between my mates homes and relying on the little cash ,mum had left me, to survive. I went to the job centre everyday, in search of a job, until I slowly began to give up hope. Unfortunately, many others went to the job centre everyday, like me-but unlike me they were qualified. You see, nobody wanted to employ a person who left university for no apparent reason and had failed the only exam, they ever took. I don't blame them, but I was desperate, anything would do. All I wanted, all I needed was a job. Sometimes, the things you need the most just don't ever come to you.

A job never came to me and neither did a home. I couldn't keep staying at my mates homes and well, the jobsearch was unsuccessful. I foolishly wasted the only money I had at staying in  a hostel; when I had nothing left  it was my first night, sleeping rough.I thought that I couldn't ask for help...it was a sign of weakness. I thought my first night rough, would be only one of a few to come. How wrong I was... I've now been sleeping on the streets for almost 10 years now. I don't know where I belong anymore, I don't seem to fit in anywhere. I eat things from supermarket bins;from the loose change the few passers-by who are kind enough to give me anything. I feel as if I have fallen off the social ladder, I sit in a new place everyday wrapped up in the sleeping bag -I was given by the homeless shelter-holding up my flimsy cardboard sign saying 'SPARE CHANGE PLEASE, LOST,LONELY, SCARED, HUNGRY, HOMELESS.'  The amount of people that pass by without even looking down,thinking I won't even notice;every time that happens it feels like  another  piece of my heart has been crushed and thrown away, I'm surprised I still have a heart!


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