A Man With No Place...

John is a misunderstood homeless man, looking for help. All he wants is for someone to notice him, but all people do is pass by and laugh at him. He wants a place in life,for people to notice he's even there...Will John ever become part of society?


1. Homeless-The Beginning



Homeless. Lonely...Lost...Scared. You think you understand homelessness, but you don't. Only people who have experienced the terror of homelessness will understand. It is worse than you could ever imagine, even I did not understand how bad it really was. You constantly move between different places and after a while, you don't know where you will end up.You feel so scared,there is noone there to help you, nobody for you to talk to. Real civilization seems miles away, you forget a life of daily showers, washing, even sleepng in a bed. Even, when you think things are getting better, they stay the same.                


Now you know how it feels to be homeless, it is time to begin my story. It all started when I was only 20 years old. I was happy, doing a degree in a subject that I loved-English. Yes,believe it or not, I loved English. I aspired to become a teacher and pass on my enthusiasm to the younger generations. All those dreams fell apart... when the most unexpected thing happened- my mother became ill, seriously ill. 'Alzheimers' was what the doctor had said, he also said she needed to have a carer. That was the moment that my life was a lost cause.  I felt as if I had to take care of her, repay her for caring for me. When dad died, I was all that she had left. My mum didn't know this, but her disease was terminal. I thought,I could just take a short break from uni and look after mum, until she passed away.  But, things didn't work out as I hoped they would. The university board agreed to my  'break' and mum died 5 months later. I was preparing to return to uni,but the board wouldn't let me return, as I failed my last exam. I was crushed,I felt as if someone had just gone and shot a spear, straight through my heart. All I ever wanted, GONE...The only family member left, GONE. Not only this, but mum had a small pension, she had almost left me no money(most of her money went towards me studying) and her flat was rental...so I had no home. My only option left was to try and get a job.


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