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Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


6. worried

i have been in this black hole for 3 weeks its horrible knowing that everyone around me is so worried and i cant reassure them. niall hasn't left unless its to go to the toilet even then i think he would stay if he could he hasn't eaten though the others keep bringing him food but i never hear him eat it he just throws it in the bin this isn't good for him to go from always eating to never eating.

zayns P.O.V

it feels so weird in laceys house with no Lacey i hate myself for not protecting her when she needed me most niall is distraught i cants watch everyone suffer like this kath is always crying we have had to postpone our tour our fans understand they all love Lacey as much as we do. i miss her so much.

niall s P.O.V 

i haven't left laceys side for 3 weeks everyone keeps trying to make me eat i can't even the smell of food makes me feel sick. i can hear the familiar sound of the beeps on laceys monitors as i wake up with her in my arms just the kath and zayn walk in followed by louis, liam and harry kath had one of Laceys guitars it was acoustic with a blue tint with the name fred engraved on it then the smell hit me harry had a nandos in his hand the smell made my stomach groan."niall mate you need to eat" liam said handing me the bag they all sat and looked at me were they seriously going to sit and watch me eat i put my hand in the bag hoping that would be enough and they would all leave they didn't  i put the wing to my mouth the taste took over me it was really really good i sat and ate the rest of the wings and looked up "whoa i have seen you eat alot mate but that was really fast your going to feel ill now" Louis smiled as he threw the bag in the bin just then i felt something next to me stir LACEY!!

(authors note ha ha sorry for the cliff hanger i am literally about to update again so don't worry love you all Em xxx)

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