everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


4. why me

i woke up in bed the blinds were blowing in the breeze i looked over at my guitars propped up in the corner of my room i had 3 two acoustic and one electric my acoustic are called fred and kevin in honor of louis of course and my electric is called lysaa i know what your thinking how sad she names her guitars well guess what my room is filled with cuddly toys so hat i never feel lonely i have posters of the boys aswell not as much as some people i know i have posters of other people aswell. i picked up kevin and got dressed i walked out of the back door and out of the bottom gate that leads to a big feild that i kept pip in he is my horse having a celebrity for a brother has its advantages when it comes to birthday presents he brought the field behind my house had stables build there and brought me pip. i always come down here when i want time alone kath had already came and mucked out the stables i sad on the fence and played my guitar a bit humming some songs pip walked over i knew what he wanted i jumped off the fence and in to the tack room he followed and watched over the door as i put my hat on and grabbed his tack it was all in baby blue it made him look really cute i got him ready and jumped on i wanted to get away from here for a while.

i rode through my back garden and on the the road the sound of pip walking echoed all around it was so peaceful the advantage of living in a village in the middle of no where there was never anyone around and there were never many fans outside when the boys came over either we walked in to the fields that was when i could just let go pip knew to i let him go in to a really fast trot he never did anything but that without me telling him he became my best friend the one i could trust not to tell anyone because he was a horse he knew more about my life than anyone.

i was so happy alone with me, pip and my thoughts that i didnt realise who was in the corner leigh was there this couldnt be happening i panicked my heat felt like it was going to burst we jumped the fences till we were near my house then i saw a fimiliar figure walking in the field "NIALL HELP!!!" i screamed looking back to see where she was i knew she was following but she hadnt caught up yet. he looked at me confused then he looked behind me then looked up at me i was still riding pip so i was alot higher than him i turned around to see leigh still running across the field i see the glint of metal in her hand niall looked at me again "go" he warned i put my hand out to him to help him up " you arent getting me on that thing lacey just go now" i grabbed his hand anyway and struggled to pull him on to pips back he helped himself up and wrapped his arms around me he didnt like riding that much so he was hold me really tight i pulled off my hat and put it on his head he frowned as it squashed his quiff. we got to the top of my road i shouted zayn as loud as i could i sam the door open as everyone filed out looking confused then the must have seen who was following us because kat hran over and grapped pips reins pulling him as she began to run in to his field the boys helped niall down as i jumped down i stood expecting liegh to come through the gate but she didn twhere had she gone? the boys ,kath,james, ben and ryan had formed a barrier in front of me we stood there waiting "she must have been scared off by your mean looks harry" louis said winking at harry their bromance was a bit to real sometimes i laughed at them bothe flirting as we walked to the house they were all still infront of me liam put his arm around me we carried on walking towards the house as i felt asharp painf in my back as cold metal cut in to me i screamed and turned around as i did i saw leigh she pushed the knife into my stomach quickly and she dragged it down blood poured from me i felt light headed i saw zayn push forward and grab leighs hand the rest of them grabbed her and pushed her to the floor  

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