everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


5. wake up

its so dark i can hear beeping all around me where is everyone? where am i? what happened to leigh? all i can remember is the boys stopping leigh i can remember red everywhere and kath crying now im in what feels like a big black hole now i can hear voices "oh god" i hear a soft voice through tears its kath " im here kath look its me where are you?" im shouting but no one is listening can she even hear me? "dont worry these things are what are keeping lacey alive" who is that i dont recognize the voice it must be a doctor i feel a hand grab mine they are soft kath must be holding my hand the rest of the boys must be here now because i can hear them all talking in hush voices to the doctor i want to know what they are saying 

( * aurthors note* heyy guys so i didnt really want to use pov's in this story but i dont really have anywhere else to go enjoy thanks for reading love you all xxx) 

zayns P.O.V

kath is crying so much i feel so sorry for her she is Lacey's best friend they have grown up with each other she goes over to hold her hand Lacey is layed on a bed with wires and tubes coming from all over her body they took her into surgery straight away " can i talk to you please sir" the doctor whispers in my ear putting his hand on my shoulder i turn around as he walks to the corner of the room where the rest of the boys are sitting  "i don't want you to get to happy at the minute we aren't sure if she will make it through the rest of the day let alone the night" he sighs as he looks at the floor "we are always hopeful i guess" he walks out of the room without looking back at us. i looked around at the others as they just sat there i look at niall i knew he had a crush on Lacey all this time i can see tears streaming down his face his eyes are red and puffy he walks over to Lacey and grabs her other hand still crying 

Niall s P.O.V 

what did the doctor just say why did this have to happen to me how was i going to live without Lacey I've liked her for ages but never had the guts to tell her but since she said that she would kiss me at zayns i know i have a chance now look she could not make it then she will be gone forever i walk over and grab her hand everyone sits around crying and talking after a while the others decide to go and get something to eat "you coming niall?" harry says as he turns to walk out of the door "no im fine she needs someone here in case she wakes up" everyone looks at me puzzled i didn't feel like eating what if she does need me? what if she does wake up and im not here she will be scared "we'll bring you something back yeah?" kath says as she pushes everyone out of the door 

Lacey's P.O.V

 what niall just said he didnt want and food that boy could eat for Ireland and he doesn't want anything " Lacey please wake up please just for me wake up" he sobs holding my hand tighter " please tell me you don't hear what im about to say Lacey i love you i have since the moment i saw you when you came to watch us at the x factor can you remember that Lacey " HE WHAT? did he just seriously say he loved me all this time. all those times i have had boy friends and he has come to mine and i have been with them right in front of him well done Lacey  now that i think back i can remember the hurt in his eyes when he watched me and all those boys, i need to wake up now i need to tell him that i love him to i need to say sorry for all them times.


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