everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


2. The Pool

we go to zayns me and the boys where staying to night before we went to mine for a week then went on tour. everyone piled out and we went inside i took my stuff to my room and came back down i could hear shouting i walked into the kitchen to find Niall eating a packet of crisps still grinning to himself. i followed the shots and found Louis and harry both in the pool fully clothed as i stood watching them i felt a shove from behind me i fell in. i finally came back up gasping for air and saw zayn stood smirking at me from the side of the pool "take that as pay back" he laughed as he sat on the chairs at the side of the pool. he isn't much of a swimmer me and the boys tried teaching him but he still sit at the edge and watches.

liam walked in followed by niall they had got changed in to their swimming trunks and both jumped in just then i felt a hand around my ankle i screamed as i was pulled under i turned around as fast as i could and saw niall smiling at me when we got to the surface he started laughing i went and sat on the side of the pool with my feet just dangling in niall came and sat next to me "why did you do that?" i said trying to act annoyed it worked "i was only playing" he said looking down at the water then back at me "i'm sor..." i smiled pushing him back in before he could finish, he looked shocked as went and joined the rest of the boys playing.

before long we all got out and got changed i had a shower and went down to the living room the boys were already drinking harry threw me a beer before i sat crossed legged on the floor in the circle with them "we're playing truth or dare" Louis said happily as he turned to liam "go on then he told him as liam got his phone out and started typing then my phone buzzed:

'@real_liam_ Payne:

i really love fluffy rabbits bit i love carrots as well i like rabbits dressed as carrots'

we all burst out in a fit of laughter as we read the tweet "okay you now harry" lours grinned he was enjoying this to much "dare" harry said as Louis started laughing before he could even tell him the dare "okay...okay you see them fans at the gates you have to go outside in just you boxers run up the drive and scream i love Louis sooooooooooo much its untrue" he burst out in a fit of laughter again " but its cold"harry moaned and he took of his shirt and his trousers. most girls would do anything to be in a room with harry styles stripping of me on the other hand just sat awkwardly looking at he ground. we all ran to the window to watch harry run down the drive way all the fans started screaming as he ran back up the drive way shivering i grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around him.

"your turn Lacey"  Louis smiled i wasn't stupid enough to say dare when Louis was in charge so i picked truth his face turned in to a frown "you'r no fun" he frowned as he thought of something to ask me "would you ever snog Niall" i looked up in shock then at zayn you could see the anger build up inside him i looked at niall who by now was looking very awkward." i dont know maybe" Louis looked at me as his face tuned to a smile i wasn't getting away with an answer like that " yes or no" he said "yes" i blurted wishing that the ground would swallow me up whole. the rest of the night was awkward every time i looked at Niall he would look away great way to start a week.

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