everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


9. official

i have been on tour with the boys for 3 weeks now and non of the fans know about me and niall we are in Sheffield today that is near where i live so kath is coming to watch the concert with me tonight i usually just sit out of the way backstage i hold the boys mics when they get changed they all give me a peck on the cheek as they go back on they have decided i am  their good luck charm i have no idea why. my phone rings (l= lacey and k+kathy cos im lazy teehee)

l- heyy gurlfriend

k- heyy gorj im just on the train could you come meet me?

l- erm yeah sure let me just check something 

i walk over and look out of the bus window there are about 50 girls outside already im going to need to take paul with me 

l- heyy i'm coming just need to get paul to come with me there are loads of girls outside 

k- sure see you soon love you lacey

l- haha sure see you soon love you too Kathrine 

k- hey don't use my full name you know i hate it 

i hang up without saying anything to annoy her "PAUL!" i shout as i walk to the downstairs of the bus where i found him on his laptop " could you take me to pick kath up there are loads of girls outside?" i ask he looks annoyed i interupted his work so i give him my best puppy dog eyes "fine let me get my coat" he says i walk out of the bus i hear screams come from the gates "OMG ITS LACEY ZAYN'S SISTER" "LACEY WHERE ARE THE BOYS?" i could hear i smiled and walked over to the gates to talk to them some really big directioners asked me for an autograph and a photo so i did then paul walked over and opened the gate we walked to the train station it wasn't far away i saw kath waiting on the platform i ran up and hugged her "I've missed you kath" i say as she hugs me tighter "I've missed you too la" she calls me that some times im not to fond but i doesn't bother me. 

we walk back "brace yourself" i say laughing as we walk through the crowd of girls that has grown since i left paul closes the gate behind us i stand outside for a bit longer with kath so she could let it all soak in "so guys how would you like it if i could maybe get some of the boys to come say hi but promise not to scream or get violent or anything or they wont be aloud out" they all start to get excited as i walk over to the bus with kath trailing behind me still shocked she has never really experienced the fans "paul" i shout again he walks up the stairs "could the boys come out only if the want to i have made a deal with the girls please" i say giving him the puppy dog eyes again "fine but only if they want to" he says going back to his work he didn't need to come out because the girls couldn't get through the gates "BOYS!" i shout and they come running in out of the game room "hey kath" they all say together "so who wants to come outside i made a deal with the girls and paul has agreed" i ask and their faces light up "yay lets go all going to walk outside " i would take a pen" i say passing them a pen and walking in front of them as they file out behind me i hear screams and i shout them a look and i dies down a bit they are still screaming but not as much i know niall doesn't like the screaming so much so i kept an eye on him while they all took pictures and signed stuff i felt someone behind me.

"oh hey paul"i smiled as i turned around  "how did you make the girls so calm im starting to wonder if you should take my job" he smiled "no thanks paul and i told them they screamed alot the boys go easy" he smiled and shouted the boys to come and get ready for the show me an kath went inside followed by the boys we sat in the green room and waited for them to get ready as they walked in my phone rang (l= lacey and j= james sorry being lazy again)

l- heyy 

j- i love you lacey 

l- huh

j- we got the gig at the young talent festival

when he says that i fall back of my chair 

l-ouch  you just made me fall off my chair i'm so excited but that means i'm going to have to come home tomorrow else we wont be able to rehears 

j- yeah i know im sorry we got you a present as well 

l- okay see you tomorrow then bye 

j- bye lacey but smile we are officially good enough to do a big gig like that 

l- yeah i know sorry love you all see you tomorrow

i am so excited i really am but i have to leave the boys for 2 weeks "who was that" kath says pulling me away from my thoughts "oh James WE GOT THE GIG" i scream the last part jumping up and down kath starts jumping with me she is a singer in the band as well but not lead the boys pull us both into a hug to stop us from jumping "i have to leave for two weeks

to be able to get a set list ready and rehearse" i frowned the boys all looked sad "as long as you get what you want we are fine without you as long as you come back" zayn said playfully pulling me into another hug. i looked over at niall he looked upset i walked over and hugged him "love you nialler" he smiled as i whispered "make sure you come to watch though i believe it is on your week off" i winked at him as they walked to the stage.

me and kath walk out to the audience and sit on the front row the boys run on stage and the whole place comes to life there is screaming from all over the boys are amazing they get half way through the show and harry walks forward to talk to the crowd "this song is for a special girl in all our lives that we all love in different ways especially little nialler over there she just got a gig with her band which is going to be amazing lacey this is everything about you" he says pointing to me did he just tell everyone about me and niall this should be fun as they sing their verses they look at me to sing them to me it is cute but a bit embarrassing everyone is staring at me i get some glares but i don't mind i mean one direction are singing to me.

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