everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


3. morning after

i woke up my head was hurting i drank way to much last night i had to forget what happened during that game. i went downstairs and into the kitchen liam was sat on the stools at the breakfast bar "morning Lacey you looking forward to today?" he asked i grabbed some bread and put it in the toaster "of course i am week with my 5 favorite boys who wouldn't be looking forward to that" the rest of the boys walk in the toaster pops as Louis and harry both grab my toast and eat it "thanks alot boys that was mine" i moan as i watch them eat it. "you ready to go yet?" zayn asks changing the subject "of course i am" i say excitedly. 

"can we go to nandos?" niall asks happily so thats why he likes coming to mine so much nandos is only a 5 minute walk from my house "of course we can i'm starving" we pile out of the car and rush into the restaurant we sit and eat and talk niall has two helpings the rest of us just have the one. "we need to get you lot out of here" Paul says rushing in to the room we were in "there is a huge crowd of fans outside" we get up zayn walks on one side of me liam on the other.

there is screaming some fans get through security and try to grab the boys they don't get very far because security grab them and push them back into the crowd. that's when i feel my heart stop "ZAYN HELP ME" i shout i try to run but my legs wont move she is stood there with an evil smile spread across her lips Leigh this cant be happening she was supposed to be in jail after what she did to me i grabbed my stomach feeling the pain of the knife all over agian. zayn follows my gaze he runs up to me but it is to late everything goes black and i fall to the ground.

i wake up in the car zayn has his arms wrapped around me tightly i can see tears running down his face "it was her zayn" i whisper "don't worry everything will be fine" he smiles weakly i know hes lying. we get back kath , Ben  James and Ryan are stood at the door smiling i see their faces drop as kath runs up to me wrapping me in a hug "what happened?" she shouts at zayn i look at her "she found me" kath knows exactly who i am on about as she walks me inside i live with her she is my best friend we live with ben my other best friend and Ryan the drummer and James the guitarist for the band i am in 'the ravers' im one of the lead singers i also play the guitar Sam was the other lead singer.

everyone sat around me with worried looks on their faces none of the boys knew what happened so zayn and kath took it in turns to tell them about the day Leigh strangled me then stabbed me even the mention of it i could feel my throat tighten and i traced the scar on my belly with my finger. why did she have to find me? why couldn't she leave me alone? she did enough damage before what did she want now? i fell asleep in liam's arms as they carried on talking i couldn't listen to it anymore


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