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Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


10. just the beggining

after the show me and kath went backstage again yes i did start crying while the boys sang to me they mean the world to me they are my family and i have to leave them but i get to do what i have always wanted to do i get to be in my band and perform to thousands of people even if it means leaving for 2 weeks i have to do it. my mind is starting to wonder about what james said about them having a present for me when the boys come into the green room i don't notice till "LACEY!!" they scream i fall off my chair and hit the floor with a thud "ouch" i say still on the floor "thanks for that guys" i say laughing they all burst out laughing i run up and hug them all "thanks for the song boys" i say starting to cry not again. "don't cry la" kath says "i don't think i can handle anymore" she grins "lacey please stop crying we'll come and visit you promise" zayn says wiping the tears from my cheeks with his thumbs i walk over to the sofas and try to calm down niall comes and sits next to me "it's only two weeks it's going to be the hardest two weeks of my life though" he says wrapping his arm around my shoulders i look up and kiss him till we are interrupted by louis "eeeewwwwww" we pull away i give him a glare.

*next morning*

Paul has brought my bags from the bus i hug all the boys "bye boys im really going to miss you" i keep hugging them till "okay lacey you can let go now" zayn giggles unwrapping me from them "okay la lets go train will be here soon" kath says grabbing my hand i look down not able to look at the boy or i will start crying again "don't worry guys she always does it so she doesn't have to say  goodbye" the boys wave at us as we walk to the train station i hold on to kath the whole way there we got on the train the journey was about 1 and a half hours when we get to the other end james, ben and ryan are waiting for us they took our bags and we went home i ran down to the bottom of the garden and through the gate and there was pip i ran into the field and hugged him i didnt know i could miss a horse so much i walk back down to the house and find them all in the front room. "heyy guys whats up?" i say sitting down "nothing would you like your present now or after we have done the set list we have to do 3 songs and have 1 for backup we have already said we will do sweet child'o'mine by gund'n'roses because sam asked and that means you get the guitar solo" james says "he didn't ask he begged" ryan cuts in laughing "i think that we should do nothing like us by justin bieber for kath to lead on and what do you want me to do?" i ask i know kath will be happy she gets to lead "turning tables by adele i love you singing that" kath says i love that song too it is one of my favorites "yeah sure acoustic version though" i say with a sorry look over to ryan he just laughed and nodded. "what about the back up song that can be one that all three of you can sing what about one of 1D's songs?" james asks "yeah what about summer love?" kath asks that is her favorite song from the boys "sure" i laugh.

*2 weeks later* 

the others decided not to give me my present till the day of the gig and that is today the boys will be here in a minute and we nee dot get to the showground where we are performing at i get up and have a shower and put on some skinny jeans and a jumper we have something else to wear for the performance i pull my hair into a pony tail and walk downstairs everyone is waiting including the boys kath runs up to me and i fall to the ground then i hear James shout "pile on" oh god no "NO!" i scream to late they have all piled on top "ow guys this hurts alot" i say struggling to breath they all get up and i still lay on the floor trying to catch my breath that really hurt. 

when we get to the showground there is a huge stage and a couple of people walking around we are met by a short fat guy with glasses "you must be the ravers" he says looking at his clipboard he lead us into a dressing room backstage with some mirrors and sofas when we all sat down niall was sat next to me "so lacey do you want your present" james says i nod and ryan come over and hands me a box i open it and inside is a mic with blue diamantes on and some dark pink ones spelling out lacey on "wow this is amazing guys thank you so much" i say jumping on the rest of my band laughing as they all fall over and we end up in a heap on the floor just as the fat man who i finally found out was called Barry walks in to find us all on the floor and one direction looking at us like we are freaks "erm we need you for rehearsals when your ready" he walked away not sure what to think. 

we get on the stage but tell the boys they have to stay in the dressing room so it is a surprise for what we are doing Barry told us that an act couldn't make it so e had to do our backup song as well we did our set then went back to the boys we hung out for a bit till it was show time the adrenalin was kicking in as we stood in the wings with the boys "good luck" they all said at the same time as we walked onto stage first was sweet child'o'mine i looked over at sam as i picked up my electric guitar lysaa he walked back to me "lacey i can't do it" i looked at him with a are you serious look  "fine i'll sing with you ok?" i say this is great just great we start singing and sam gets more confident then it comes to my guitar solo i looked to the wings where all of the boys stood with their mouths open they had never heard me play like this before i could tell they were shocked i just grinned and carried on. i sang my song that went amazing and then kath sang hers it was so cool out here everyone was jumping in the audience then me kath and sam walked to the front of the stage and i started playing with james and ryan joining in i could see the boys realize what we were going to sing and i just pointed to kath we took it in turns to sing the verses i love being up here i see why the boys like it so much as we went onto the last chorus i feel people behind me and the crowd starting to go mad i know what is going on i feel niall wrap his arms around my waist and zayn come to the side of me i smile as we all sing.

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