everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...



niall was eating relief washed over me i had to wake up i had to climb out of this black hole i had to see everyone now. i tried to move my hands, my legs anything i had to wake up now my eyes shot open the light flooded in it burned as my eyes snapped back shut "doctor quick" i heard zayn yell down the corridor i heard some one rush in i pulled my hand up to cover my eyes i squinted at everyone stood around me i could feel the doctor messing around with the tubes that hung off me he walked out of the room everyone was still silent "sooo how are you all" i asked jokingly they all hugged me after a while i was being squashed "guys your hurting me" i laughed as the all stood around me i looked at niall and winked at him he started smiling from ear to ear. we all sat there for a while the the boys stood up " i think we should be going zayn? niall?" liam asked as he walked over and gave me a hug "glad to see you awake" he whispered i smiled at him as Louis and harry both gave me a hug "i'll come i need to sleep bye little sis" zayn said giving me a hug and a peck on the cheek i hugged him back not wanting to let go ever again "bye zaynie" i said holding back the tears as i watched them walk out of the door followed by kath. i sat and sobbed as i felt a hand on my back i forgot that niall hadn't gone with them he sat next to me on the bed and i sobbed into his chest after a while i didn't have any more tears to cry i looked up "niall?" he looked at me still with his arms around me "you never left you never ate you worried me sick i couldn't help you why did you do that to me?" i began to yell at him i watched as tears began to fall down his face "i'm sorry Lacey im so, so sorry" he sobbed as he got up and walked out of the room i was by myself and i just pushed someone i loved away when i needed them the most. well done Lacey well done.

*1 week later*

niall still hast spoken to me i came home yesterday he was sat in the kitchen i walked over i could see the hurt in his eyes as he got up and walked up stairs we are going on tour finally tomorrow i need to make things better with niall i cant stand to see him hurt especially when i know i did it to him.  i walk into niall s room he is sat on his bed with his back to me looking down at the ground i walk over quietly and sit next to him and wrap my arms around him pulling him into a hug he crys into me for a while before looking up at me "i am so sorry for shouting at you niall" i say looking him straight in the eyes i can feel him wrap his arms around me we sit there till he falls to sleep with me still in his arms i feel so safe with him i feel loved and cared for i could stay like this forever. "i love you too niall" i whisper just them i am spun around to face him he looks shocked "w-what?" he stammered "i could hear you the whole time niall i heard when you told me you loved me since i came to watch you and the boys at the x factor i can remember it niall and i love you too" i looked him straight in the eyes again so he knew i was serious he crashed his lips against mine. i love this boy this Irish boy with blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes and soft lips i love the boy from mullingar that thinks hes the Irish justin bieber and no one is going to change that we both fall asleep.

i heard a guitar start to play i could feel the boys crowd around me they better not do what i think they are going to do because im not a moorning person and this morning im not in the mood. "it's time to get up in the morning" oh they are "we got mcdonalds breakfast for you or any other brand we drove to miles to get it so you better get up and eat it dont be selfish lace" i know what is coming i curl myself up into a ball and brace myself they have done this so many times for some reason they always find a mcdonald where ever we go "IT'S TIME TO GET UP IT'S TIME TO GET UP!!" they start jumping on my bed oh they are so in for it now i look up and grab liams leg he falls into zayn and they all fall like dominos i stand up laughing and walk down to the kitchen kath is already in tears about having to say good bye theboys walk down stairs fianlly "the bus will be here in an hour" i run upstairs i put on some skinny jeans and a stripped t-shirt to annoy louis he hates it when other people wear stripes i grab my converse and push my hair to the side so it falls down the front of my right shoulder and put a snapback on. since leigh i dont really like to be seen so i wear a hat whenever i go out i know she i locked up for a minimum of 30 years but i still dont want to be seen i walk down stairs as i see paul putting our suitcases into the bus after a long good bye that involved lots of crying we got on the bus and we were finally on tour i love the buzz of being around everyone.

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