everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


8. bus

we walked on to the bus it was massive upstairs there are 4 sets of 3 bunks and a game room downstairs there is a kitchen and table and a seating area as well. the boys all decided which bunks they were on the band were on the same bus as us so 9 bunks were taken harry louis and zayn were in one set liam was with the band and josh and niall were on another i took the bunk under nialls. the boys decided to play fifa "do you want to play Lacey " harry asked with worry on his face he knew if i played he would loose "nah ill just watch today thanks harry you can have a chance of winning" i laughed as i walked back out of the game room to get my laptop i saw niall sat smirking on his bunk he had my laptop my phone buzzes in my pocket '@lacey_malik_official @niallofficial is amazing and i love him so much' i walk over and grab his laptop and pull up twitter 'i think its time to get of @laye_malik_official twitter NOW!!' he looked up and grinned at me patting the space next to him we sat together for a while till liam came over "heyy guys time to sound check" niall got up and held out his hand i grabbed it and we walked out of the bus there are already fans outside and we haven't told anyone about us they all just think we are good friends the boys know of course but as we walk off niall dropped my hand i frowned as we walked into the arena.

(*aurthors note* heyy sorry for the short chapter i shipped lacey and niall and they are now nacey teehee updating again now thanks for reading Em :P xxx) 

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