everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


1. airport

"Zaynie!" i shouted running up and throwing my arms around him giving him a hug "i told you not to call me that in front of the boys! he said his cheeks turning red. i hear the boys laugh behind him "Lacey!" they shout all wrapping me in a hug "where's Niall?2 i ask they turn around "hes upset he hasn't had a nandos for a while" Louis says. i put my hand in my bag and pull out a brown paper bag and put it behind my back as i walk over "excuse me Mr Horan but i haven't had a hug yet" i smile grabbing his hand and placing the bag in his hand he looks at me confused for a bit then looks in the bag i see a huge smile spread across his face "thank you Lacey" he grins hugging me and twirling me around.

"okay boys lets go" says Paul as we walk out the airport and are greeted by loads of fans the are pushing and shouting some are even crying. i spent alot of my time with the boys but i will never get used to the fans we pile into the car and i can see zayn is still upset "what's up big bro" i smile Zayn isn't my actual brother his family fostered me when i was 10, i'm 18 now so he is just like a brother to me. "why did you have to embarrass me like that?" he whines i just shrug anything i say would annoy him more.

i look around the car Niall is sat eating his Nandos grinning to himself that boy can eat and never get any bigger. i look over at Louis and Harry play fighting Liam smiles at me and nods when he sees me watching. i have really missed the boys since i came home at least i get to spend their next tour with them.

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