everything about you

Lacey was fostered by Zayns family read as she goes on tour with the boys and faces her greatest fears all at the same time...


11. 5 boys and me

it has been 3 days since the show and the rest of the boys went to see their familys so zayn stayed with me and the other day we went to Bradford to see our family then we came back to my house. 

i wake up early Monday morning and i can hear people down stairs i can hear zayn talking to kath and some other people i cant be bothered to get up so i grab fred my guitar and sit on my bed with my legs crossed and start playing some songs we all lounge around all day then i get a text at the same time as zayn we both look at our phones:

to zayn;lacey

heyy guys on my way to yours Dan had to go away so i decided to spend the rest of the week with you~ liam x

"liams coming back!" i shout at the top of my lungs and all i hear are groans from ryan, james, ben and sam as they walk down stairs i think i might have woke them all up they usually sleep till about lunch time but it was 3 o'clock now and they needed to be awake i did them a favor "we are all going out tonight you coming?" james says sitting on the sofa "no thanks zayn can go if he wants i feel lazy today" they look at zayn "nah i'm alright thanks lads i got some plans for a night in" he says smiling to himself what plans? i never knew about these plans my thoughts are interupted by a knock on the door i walk and open it it's liam already "hey liam how did you get here so fast you only just text us?" i ask him he smiles and gives me a hug "missed you to lacey i text when i got to the village as a surprise" i smiled and we walked in to the living room "hey guys" liam says as he hugs zayn then everyone else.

everyone went out clubbing so just me liam and zayn are still here they have gone upstairs so i walk into the kitchen and get a bag of popcorn and walk back to the livingroom and go to put a movie on when liam and zayn walk in and put a laptop on the coffee table i sigh and walk up stairs and turn on the t.v. and put the film on i check my twitter so thats what they are up to they are doing a twitcam and never told me i click on the link and sit and watch them messing around then i comment 

oh i see how it is doing a twitcam without me 

i click the post button and a few seconds later i see liam point at the screen then zayn smirk and get up next thing i know he is in my room picking me up and putting me over his shoulder and carrying me downstairs i struggle to get out of his grip and then he puts me on the sofa next to liam i hug him and fake cry "whats up?" he whispers looking worried "zayn hurt me" i whisper back holding back the laugh "zayn outside now!" liam says grabbing zayns arm this is my chance "hey guys so how about you all send me some dares to my twitter and i will do them and see how long it takes them to notice?" i say to the camera and the boys walk back in i look on my twitter to see i have loads of tweets there are some like ' kiss liam' or strip' no way was i doing them so i carried on scrolling then i got a text then another then another 

shout carrots~louis x

oh so he is watching i smile and shout "CARROTS!!" zayn and liam jump and look at me like i have gone mad then i read the other texts 

mess up zayns hair go on dares ya;P~ harry x 

i smile and stick out my tongue so he knows i read it i'll do that one later i think i check my other text 

heyy beautiful dare you to tell everyone how much you love me miss you :( ~niall <3 xx

i smile and go back to twitter 'dare you to start dancing randomly' that sounds good i stand up and start jumping around liam and zayn start laughing then zayn grabs my hand and pulls me back down to sit on the sofa i get another text from louis 

you did carrots proud haha watching you can tell the boys i am now if you want they might stop thinking your a freak~ louis x

i wave "hey louis" and liam smiles "so louis is watching is he" he grins at zayn giving him a nudge what was that for? i wonder they are up to something i know it. i text niall 

heyy miss you too zayn and liam are up to something~ lacey <3 xx

just then there is another knock on the door i walk to the door and nearly drop my phone there are harry' louis and niall stood at the door i scream and jump on them giving them all a hug "surprise" they say hugging me back.



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