Love from another world

Zoe is just an ordinary girl who lives in Starr South Carolina. But when a boy named Zachary moves in next to her, her life will change forever.


2. Brownies

Zoe's P.O.V.

As I walked up the front steps of Zachary's house a million thoughts flashes through my mind. I don't have to do this, I can just throw out the brownies and tell my mom I have them to him. But she'll find out eventually. She has a way of knowing things like that. I pulled out my phone to check my reflection when I herd footsteps. I quickly put my phone back in my shoe and backed up so it looked like I was just getting there when the door opened and I saw Zachary. 
"Oh hi." I awkwardly said
"Hi what are you doing here?" Zachary said giving me a confused look. 
"Uh well my mom wanted me to drop off these brownies."
"Oh I love brownies. Do you want to come in?" Zachary asked.
"Sure." I said hoping he didn't notice the excitement in my voice. 
"Just warning you, my mom and dad don't like guests very much. They moved here to get away from people as they put it." He said as he smiled warmly at me. Was that it? Was it his smile? Was that the reason he seemed so different? I mean his smile was not like anything I've ever seen but when you've lived in a place like Starr for as long as I have,  a lot  is new about people who move here. They have all the newest thing and act- how do I put it? Different. But I didn't think that was it. It was something else something bigger than that and more powerful. 
As I walked into Zachary's house I noticed it was different like everything else about him so far. It was dark and had a bunch of paintings of people who didn't recognize at all. They looked like nothing I had ever seen before. They were like misshapen people. I felt like I was in an alien museum after hours. The whole house was silent except for the creak of the floorboards under our feet. I turned and looked at Zachary to ask where I was supposed to be going when I saw that he looked almost, disappointed? No that wasn't it. But it disappeared as quickly as a lightning bolt when he noticed me looking at him. 
"Where am I supposed to be going?" I said. 
"Oh sorry," he said "let me show you" as Zachary walked ahead I noticed he walked weird. His feet pointed out a little bit and every few steps his knee bent at a funny angle. I thought it was cute. As we walked I herd voices. I wasn't sure if they were just in my head or if they were real. They said, "She's not our kind." "She'll be sorry." Over and over again. It kinda freaked me out but after what I've seen so far I wasn't going to turn back and look lame just because of some voices that probably weren't even real. Finally we got to wherever it was that we were going and Zachary opened the door. I was amazed at what I saw. It was a library. A huge library. It had giant glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and hundreds maybe Sven thousands of books on the shelves. I just stood there in complete awe at what was in there. The house was big but not that huge! I never would have imagined that this would ever fit in the house! As we walked in farther I herd a voice that said, "Zachary? Is that you?" "Yes it's me and another girl. She brought over some brownies." "Zachary Elewood! How many times have I told you not to bring people into this house!" "I'm sorry mom but she had brownies!" At this point I wanted to run. Her voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard. As she stepped out of wherever she came from I saw a sight I never wanted to see again...

A/N: I hoped you liked this chapter. I hope to make the next one longer. Comment feedback and tips below! Also how do you change the cover of the book? Plz comment!

Thanks Xx Abbey

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