One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

I own all rights to this story. I have posted this story to another sight called Wattpad and Quotev. I created this and stole no ones ideas. I posted it on this sight because I wanted more people to read it. If posted on any sights besides Wattpad, Quotev and this sight, please notify me imeadiatly!(sp?)


9. Zalanah Dragomir

Zalanah Dragomir

Human Age: 19

Real Age: 199

Height: 5 feet 7 inches


Personality: Caring, Adventerous, Dare Devil, Funny, Gamer, PROTECTIVE, Commpetative, Curious, Can be stubborn, Giggly, Romantic.

Hobbies: Writing, PLaying video games, Going on the Internet, Doing crazy things, Baking, Fighting, Doing life-risking things, Singing, Laughing, Dancing, Drawing, Swimming.

Likes: Animals!, Singing, Dancing, Drawing, Swimming, Laughing, Baking, Stunts, Family.

Dislikes: Animal abuse, Bullies, Child abuse, Her REAL family (the ones who threw her in the dumpster), Fear, Crying (especially in front of people.) People expecting certain things from her, mean people, not getting her way.

Creature: Werewolf

Favorite Color(s) Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown, Black, Blue

Boy She Likes: Zayn Jawwad Malik

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