One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

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4. The Accident


Lily's Pov

When we got back to our hotel room, I told the girls all about the tweet and than about my date.

"OMG! Lily that's wonderful!" Zalanah screeched.

"You guys haven't even heard the best part. THE BOYS ARE STAYING IN THIS HOTEL IN THE ROOM RIGHT NEXT DOOR.!" At this their smiles dropped a little. "Guys didn't you hear me? They're staying in the room next door. We have joining rooms so we can see them whenever we want and won't be mauled by fans!"

"Lily, we are upset because of the joining rooms fact." Llyith said.

"Why? It's perfect. We won't have to go out in the hall and no one will see us." I said. *Why aren't they happy* I thought to myself.

"That's exactly why we're worried." Zalanah said. I just stood there with my head cocked , not understanding what they were getting at.

"Lily, one of them could come in here while we're sleeping and...." Llyith trailed off. I waited for her to finish, but she never did. I was still confused but than it clicked.

"DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WOULD COME IN HERE AND RAPE US?!?!" I thalked, not wanting any of the humans to hear us.

"Lily, they are five hormonal boys. Not to mention they are famous and would do a lot for publicity." I just stood there with my mouth hanging open, not able to believe what I was hearing.

"I thought you guys knew them better than that. You know they hate all the rumors going around, about pregnancies, depression, who they are and aren't dating, their bromances." I said with venom lacing my words.

"Lily, we don't know ANYTHING about them. We only know what every other obsessed fan knows and..."

"NO!" I said cutting off Zalanah. "Do not compare us to them. Those humans. You know we are the only non-humans who like them, besides Lannell and Kenzie. We know much more about the boys. We can tell if something is true or not even if it's posted on the Internet. We can tell when the boys are lying. We can know their entire life story just from one sentence. We know such more about the boys than those humans, so don't you DARE compare what we know, to what they think they know.

The girls looked at me with fear. I admit that I was a bit scared myself. I have never been that harsh before. I have never been so rude towards the human race, considering that I once was apart of that race, and am always looking for a way to turn back.

I don't know what's been happening. I'm just not myself lately. I looked at each of them with anger still etched on my face. My face softened. I suddenly felt very depressed. "I'm sorry girls. I don't know what came over me. I just....oh..." I stumbled a little, suddenly feeling very dizzy. My hand went to my head and my eyes closed. I felt like I was going to pass out any second.

"LILY!" Zalanah and Llyith shouted simultaneously. I felt two pairs of hands catch me just as I fell. The worried looks on their faces were the last things I saw before I passed out.



The lads and I arrived at our hotel. As we were going up to our room I couldn't help but look for Lily. I know she that her room was right next to ours so maybe I would see her. I didn't sadly but that didn't bring my mood down. As we got to our room, I saw that we had joined rooms. I was so happy, but than realised that the door could only be opened from their side. The lads decided to go to the pool and asked me to join them, I refused saying that I was tired so I was going to get something to eat, than head to bed.

They shook their heads and left telling me to join them later. I said I would. I wasn't really tired but needed to hear Lily's voice. I know it's wrong to eavesdrop,, but I couldn't help it. I picked the bed that was closest to the wall, so I could hear if they were talking about me....I mean US.......

I heard what sounded like auguring. I couldn't make out the words, only raised voices. Than I didn't hear anything. I put my ear to the wall to see if everyone was alright. I could make out Lily's voice. "I'm sorry girls. I don't know what came over me. I just....oh..." I heard her say. It sounded like she got sick all of a sudden. Than I heard two other female voices shout "LILY!" I heard frantic running around and got really scared.

I ran over to the door that joined our rooms and pounded on it. I didn't know the other two girls' names so I called out Lily's. "Lily?!? Can you hear me? What's wrong? Why did two girls shout your name anxiously!?!"

A tall brunette answered the door. She looked at me skeptically. She was about to close the door, "Wait! Is Lily OK?"



HEY Guys. I DECIDED TOO ADD A LITTLE DRAMA......Tell me what you think.

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