One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

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2. Meeting the Gals

As I shot up screaming I knew that I was awake but some part of my brain just wouldn't register that. Just as I started to stop screaming, my 20 year old, half sister Llyith charged in my room with a very scary look on her face. She searched around the room and saw I was safe. Her face turned into a look of concern. "Lily, what's wrong?"

I couldn't speak so I talked to her through my thoughts. * I-I-I h-had a v-v-very b-bad nightmare*

She could tell I was scared because even my thoughts were shaking. Llyith came over to my bed and held me close. "Its OK. Everything's OK. It wasn't real. Don't worry Lily. It was only a dream."

I shook my head violently and Llyith's brown eyes looked at me with a mix of concern and curiosity. "Yes except, it did happen and wasn't just a dream. It was my memory Llyith. Llyith it was THE memory. The one that made me into what I am. The one that used to keep me up all night for two whole years after it happened."

Llyith looked at me with shock and terror in her eyes. "But Lily you haven't had that dream for over 55 years."

"I know, Llyith, I know!" I said accidentally raising my voice. But at the moment I didn't care. "Llyith. I'm sorry but I'm scared. What if it means something. And don't tell me it doesn't. It happened 145 years ago, I don't have it for 55 years after, and suddenly I have it again for no reason. It has to mean something. It HAS to! The question is, what?"


Okay clarification time. Probably confused right? Remember when I said Llyih is my half sister. We had the same mom, but different dads. My mom AND dad were human. So I was born a human obviously. However. Our mom got with a different guy who happened to be a vampire and they had Llyith. So would she be half vampire? Nope. When a human and vampire get together. There is a 50% chance that the baby will be human. There is also the other 50% chance the baby will be a vampire. Funny thing though. We look NOTHING alike..... Anyway. Back to the story


Llyith just stared at me sadly. "I wish I knew Lily, I wish I knew."

Neither of us said anything for a while. Finally I broke the silence "When is Zalanah coming back from her field trip again?" I asked.

"Two days." Llyith said. She looked at me "sorry. I know how much you miss her."

"I'm fine. But she's been away for 2 months just for vacation."

"It's not just for vacation remember? She went to get autographs from One Direction for all of us. I couldn't go because of work, and you did to want to leave."

"I know I know. I wish I had the guts. I mean come on!! I'm a 215 year old vampire! An undead creature that hardly anything can kill and as strong as six men! So why do I get so nervous when someone do much as says 1D! I mean I just listen to there music and I start to blush when there are solos and can't stop until the song is over!"

"OK first off. 216 in three weeks. And second. It might not be the band in general, but perhaps a certain boy instead?" Llyith said matter of factly with a knowing glint in her eyes. I looked down sheepishly and stared to blush. "What's his name again? Noel, Nieel, Neel,.....Oh, I remember. Its Niall. Niall Horan." she finished with a smile on her face. I knew that she hadn't actually forgotten his name she just wanted to tease me a little and make me blush.

Just the mention of his name made me blush. I could feel my whole face going red."You know Lily, they say that when a mortal can make a vampire blush just with the mention of his or her name, than there is a 97% chance that he or she is the vampires sole mate."

"OK. But let's face it. It's not like I am going to meet him. I'm to much of a coward. I can't even think about him without blushing so badly."

Llyith didn't know what to say. So she said girl... Finally she broke the silence.

"Try to go back to sleep. I've been gone from work for....15 minutes. I only have 5 more minutes left on my brake. If I'm not back than they are going to think I ditched."

"OK but Llyith, will you stay here until I fall asleep?" she looked uncertain and bit her lower lip. "Please?" I begged. "You can run back to your work in literally 30 seconds if you use you vampire. Speed and run. Please? Please Llyith. I-I I'm really s-sc-scared. Please?" I whispered the last part. I knew she was going to because I never, NEVER, admit I'm scared to anyone. Not even Zalanah.

At last she smiled at me and said " Okay move over." I smiled and made room for my sister. She crawled into bed with me and wrapped her arms protectively around my stomach. "Will you sing please?" I asked sweetly my voice drooping. I was almost asleep but had to hear my sister sing. She had such an amazing voice. When she sings its like time stands still and everything freezes. Just so the universe can hear her.

She smiled "Okay what song?"

"You pick." I said and closed my eyes and smiled, waiting. She thought for a second then finally started.

Hear your heart beat,

beat a frantic pace,

and it's not even seven A.M.

You're feelin the rush,

of anguish settling.

You can not help showing them in.

Hurry up then.

Or you'll fall behind and,

they will take control of you.

And you need to heal the,

hurt behind your eyes.

Fickle words crowding your mind.


Sleep sugar.

Let your dreams flood in,

like waves of sweet fire.

You're safe within.

Sleep sweetie,

let your floods come rushing in!

And carry you over,

to a new mornin.

Beautiful. That's all I thought while she sang to me. I could drift off to sleep if she sang for only 3 seconds. I didn't need to hear the rest of the song to fall asleep. Next thing I know I'm trying to keep my eyelids open so I can still hear Llyith sing. I drifted off to sleep, and I'm pretty sure, I had a smile on my face.


Llyith's POV

I smiled as Lily fell asleep. But that smile didn't last long. I was worried. Extremely worried. Lily hadn't had that dream in 55 years. What brought it back all of a sudden? I was also worried about Lily. She was scared and admitted to it. She must be frightened. She'd doesn't even admit that to Zalanah, her best friend. I swear those two look more alike that Lily and I. I have long brown hair that goes to my mid-back, brown eyes and am about, 5'9. I am kind of pale but that's only because I don't go out in the sun as much as Lily. Zalanah on the other hand, she and lily could better pass off as sisters than lily and I could. And they aren't even related.

Zalanah has hazel eyes and blond hair that falls just below her shoulders. She is pretty tan, but still pale for a werewolf. She is 5'7 and pretty much part of the family. Lily and I treat her like family and she does the same to us.

I remember when we first found her. Her parents had never wanted a girl so they abandoned her as a baby. Lily was acting up and getting antsy. Even for her, and that's saying something because she has ADHD. She left the house as if in a trance and went into a different state...ALABAMA! And what makes it weirder is the fact that the farthest she's ever been away from Kimberly (as in Kimberly, Idaho, where we've lived for the past 100 years) is C'oure 'De Lane,Idaho! But she knew exactly where she was going. What makes this fact even weirder is that she was only 16. Two years before her transformation.

She went into a dark alley. I was about to suggest we go home but heard whimpering. Lily heard it to and immediately snapped out of her trance-like state. We looked around and saw little Zalanah in the dumpster. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?! HER PARENTS PUT HER IN THE DUMPSTER AS IF SHE WAS TRASH!!!!!!!! We (but mostly Lily) saved her from nearly dying and they've been inseparable ever since.

I was pacing in Lily's room having an inner battle with myself. Debating whether or not I should compel her to forget she had the memory. If I did it might help her. She might of just done something that subconsciously made her remember. If I don't than she will keep thinking about it and will most likely have it again when she sleeps again, and get even more worried than she already is. If I compel her to forget and she doesn't have it again tomorrow than she will be really happy.If I compel her and she has it again than we can be worried. We will move to a different house, different town, different state, HELL even a different continent if it means Lily wont have any more nightmares.

OK I've made up my mind. I'll just make her forget and make her remember anything else. I think I'll make her have a dream about Niall. That would make her happy. I smiled to myself hoping Lily didn't wake up while I was compelling her. She hates it when me or Zalanah use compulsion. She hates it even more if we use it on her. She says it makes her feel powerless. She refuses to use it herself saying it makes her feel wrong. I feel bad about what I was about to do. But it is for her own good.....I hope. ------------------------------------------------------ about 15 minutes later-------------------------------------------------

I was pacing in the living room. Earlier i called my boss and came up with the story that someone broke into my house with my little sister there. My boss, being the awesome chick she is, said to make sure I didn't come in for work for at least 1 month, and that during that month she would send me a paycheck double what I would've made that month during work.

I was really worried and started pacing a little more. *I seem to be doing that alot recently, the pacing thing. But what can I say? I'm a worrier and Lily and Zalanah are all I have in the world. Just like I am the only thing they have besides each other. Ever since the accident they count on me being the strong one.* I was debating on thalking (when we communicate through our thoughts) Zalanah. I decided against it. Zalanah will be home in two days. There is no reason to worry her right now. I will tell her when she gets home.

-----------------------------FAST FORWARD TO THE DAY WHEN ZALANAH GETS BACK---------------------

"Lily. Lily get up." I said. Damn. For a vampire she sure does sleep alot. Vampires only need, like, 1-2 hours of sleep. Lily sleeps almost as much as a human. "Damn it Lily. Get the hell out of bed!" I yelled. I rarely shouted and Lily and Zalanah are usually scared of me when I do, but if they are asleep or... at least HALF asleep than they act like they don't care.

"No. I don't wanna." Lily said.

"Lillian. Your are gonna miss Zalanah's plane. Zalanah will be very sad and angry that you weren't there to see her come back home."

"I don't care. I'm tired!"


Lily shout out of bed. "Y-You wo-wouldn't. Yo-you're b-blu-bluffing." she said shakily. Her eyes wide with fear.

I felt so bad seeing her like this knowing that it was I who had done it. I wanted to brake down begging for forgiveness, but instead I smirked, crossed my arms over my chest and said, "I don't know am I? If I were you I wouldn't take the chance."

"B-but b-but pl-please. Y-you wouldn't d-dare......wo-would y-you?"

"Try me." Lily shot out of bed and ran in her vampire speed to get dressed. To the human eye it would of looked like she just suddenly was out of her pj's and in a new outfit in literally the blink of an eye. But since I'm a vampire i could see exactly what she was doing and what she put on. She had on a purple top, magenta jeans, purple feather earrings and gold high-heel boots. Her hair was in a messy up-do that looked like she threw it together in 3 seconds (which she technically did), she had on red lipstick and a purple purse. (to see the actual outfit click this link )

While I had on an outfit much more perfected to my taste. I was in a a low-cut red shirt where the sleeve comes to about my elbow, a long flowing red skirt,and red heels. I have a red hand-bag and red feather earrings. I just left my hair down today, so it was nice and wavy. (to see actual outfit click this link )

---------------------------------------------------------Lily's POV----------------------------------------------------------------

As we were heading out to the airport I felt weird. I felt as if something had happened, something important but that I was forced to forget. It almost felt as if I had been compelled. I quickly dismissed the thought. *The only one who would've been able to compel me is Llyith and she would never do that without telling me* I decided that the feeling was just a dream already forgotten. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I realised that we have about two hours till we reach the airport so I decided that now would be a good time to check my tweets.

I logged in an saw I had 100 more followers. Awesome. I decided to check my messages about things I had posted. Most of which were things I drew. I saw that all the comments on my pictures were positive. I looked at my latest picture. It a drawing of me, Llyith, and Zalanah standing next to our fave guys. I expected to see at least some hate on this picture since it has me kissing Niall, Llyith kissing Liam, and Zalanah kissing Zayn. (No. Harry and Louis are not in this picture). Of course I was right but what I saw next made me want to scream with joy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

"Lily. You okay?" Llyith asked me, her voice full of concern. I couldn't answer. I just sat there with my mouth open and my eyes bulging. *Lily. If you won't or can't talk at least try to thalk. If you don't do that than I will drive you to the voctor right now.* ( sorry for interrupting but thought I should clarify that a voctor is a doctor for vampires since our systems are so different than a humans. If we went to a normal doctor they would think we are an alien or something. Back to the story.)

*N-no I-I'm fine Llyith. I just c-can't believe one of t-the posts on my latest picture. The one where you are kissing Liam, Zalanah is kissing Zayn, and I am kissing Niall*

*Lily. You should know better than to listen to what those stupid humans have to say*

I didn't answer. I couldn't. I just kept re-reading the comment. It said: @1D_Potatowan Wow! What an AMAZAYN pic. Did you draw this?!?! IT'S PHONOMINIALL!!! IT'S BRILIAM!!!! You have some skills gurl. I luv this pic. We should meet up sometime.

I quickly checked my DMs and found I had one from Niall. @1D_Potatowan Here's my # (***)-***-****.
OMFG! I went back to the tweet and kept re-reading it.

I realised that we had pulled over and that Llyith was trying to get my attention. I also realised that she had tried to grab my phone, but I was to fast and had a death grip on her arm. I let go and grinned sheepishly. "Sorry, but you know to not touch my phone. Even when I'm in a weird trance-like state like i was just a second ago." I said trying to make a joke of what just happened.

"It's okay Lil. But what happened? One minute you're fine and the next you're lost in space and time with a weird expression that I have never seen before on you. It was almost the expression of love and adoration. You really had me worried."

"Sorry. I just read a comment and it made my day. I don't want to say right now. Let's wait until Zalanah is with us and we're home. Where it's safe and quiet." Llyith was about to protest but to stop her from asking anymore questions I quickly thalked *Llyith if we stay here than we won't get to the airport before Zalanah does and she will be mad. We have to go now. I promise i will tell both you AND Zalanah. But not now. I will tell you both later when we are inside our house where no one can hear us. I give my word.*

I knew those last four words would persuade Llyith. I never brake my word. I value my honor to much. I do however find my loopholes in what I said. For example. I said I would tell her and Zalanah when we were inside our house. I didn't however say when. All I need to do is stall.

------------------------------FAST FORWARD TO WHEN ZALANAH GETS OFF PLANE------------------------

Zalanah got off the plane and ran towards I embraced her In a hug. *We missed you sssooooo much* I thalked her. *I know* she thalked back. ""How?" I asked aloud. "Well, when i missed you guys I coudn't help but tap into your thalks." I just stared at her. "You do know you could of just thalked to us instead right?" I said while laughing at my friends silliness. "Yeah but this way I could hear what you guys were saying about me behind my back"

Than Llyith came over. "What I don't get a hug?" she said trying to sound offended and failing miserably at it. We all bust up laughing at her epic fail. We got the rest of Zalanah's luggage and headed home.

"I have something for you girls." Zalanah said. "And don''t bother with the whole "You didn't have to get us anything" crap. These are the whole reason I went to Vermont in the first place." she said while handing a few signed pictures of Liam to Llyith and five signed pictures of Niall to me. I was so happy could kiss her. And that's exactly what I did. But it was only a sisterly peck on the check.

Than she looked at me and thalked *You know what this calls for?* *Oh, yeah* I thalked back.

than we both shouted at the top of our lungs, "SHOPPING SPREE AT THE MALL!"

"Quiet down you two." Llyith said while trying to hold in her laughter and, again failing miserably at it.

-----------------------------FAST FORWARD TO A FEW HOURS LATER--------------------------------------------

"OK girls. You have until the mall closes which is in about three hours. I will be waiting for you right here. If the mall closes and you're not out here I will come looking for you. I will be angry and you will be in sooooooo much trouble." Llyith said with a smile in her face the entire time.

"Yes mommy." Zalanah and I said at the same time. We all looked at each other and laughed. "OK. Lily, here is $45. Zalanah, here is $45. You have $90 between the two of you, plus whatever you have in your pockets. Now go. you're wasting your time."

But Zalanh and I were already off. We decided to hit the food court, go to a couple stores, than go our separate ways. In two hours we would meet back at the food court and spend the rest of the time doing whatever for the rest of the hour we had until the mall closed.

When we hit the food court we went to the Cinnabon. I ordered an Ice Latte and a cinnamon roll, while Zalanah ordered a coffee. When we finished our food we went into Forever 21 and Hollister.

We went our separate ways. Zalanah went downstairs where all the toy stores, book stores, and game stores were. While I went upstairs where the clothing stores, game stores, and electronics stores were. In two hours we were to meet in the center floor. But for know I had time to myself. I went into Zurchers and bought five lovely tops that looked like this (click link to see tops ). I felt like changing into one so after i paid for hem I went into the restroom and changed into the one that says Mrs. Horan. It was by far the second favorite top out of the five I bought.

I looked at my watch. Still had 1 hour to go. I went into about 15 different stores and bought loads of 1D stuff. Most of it has to do with Niall. I had about 14 bags full of 1d related things. About 9 1/2 of those bags were full of just things related to Niall.

I Looked at my watch again. I had 'bout 1/2 an hour left. I decided to head to the food court. I quickly checked how much money I had left. I still had about $17.83 left. *Wow I know how to spend money. Go me* I thought.

I went to the Subway and got a 6in. Italian bread with, black forest ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and honey mustard toasted. As i was eating my sand which I remembered the tweet from Niall about my drawing. I looked at it, debating weather or not I should call or text. I was about to when I got a thalk from Zalanah. *Hey Lily. Come downstairs now. I found the cutest little husky. And it looks like someone famous is here or something' there's paparazzi everywhere.*

*OK On my way.*


*I will*

I got up from my chair and made sure I grabbed every bag along with my purse. I turned around and bumped into someone spilling my bags and drawings of mine that I kept in my purse. "Oh. my god. I am ssoo sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't see you.. Oh, my god." I rambled on and on. I looked up and saw it was a man I bumped into. he had sunglasses on and was wearing a hoodie. With my vampire sight I caught a glimpse of blond hair.

"It's cool. Let me help you. After all, it's my fault. I should of watched where I was going." The mystery man said. The mystery man was talking with a really good British accent, but with my vampire hearing I could tell it was fake and could clearly hear an Irish one. I knew immediately who it was. I kept cool on the outside but on the inside I felt like fainting.

I tried to pick up my Niall things that fell out of their bag as fast as I could without drawing suspicion. I felt my face go red realising that I had my Mrs. Horan shirt on. He looked at me and smiled. "Hey don't worry about it. It was my fault" he said. *oh thank god he didn't know the real reason I was blushing*

When we picked everything up we got up. I thanked him and started to walk away but he called me back. "Yeah" I asked. "Here you forgot this." He said holding out the picture that I posted on twitter with me.Llyith,and Zalanah kissing Niall,Liam and Zayn. He looked at it and gasped. I'm guessing that he didn't look at it till now.

"You know what?? keep it. I drew it once I can draw it again. Besides," I paused smiling with a glint in my eye, "you seemed to really love it on twitter. You said it was, AMAZAYN, PHINOMINIALL, and BRILIAM remember? Go ahead Niall keep it. I really don't mind. If you want to get in touch I put my name and cell number on the bottom right corner of all my drawings." I winked and walked away. Well started to anyway.

"Wait!" he shouted. I turned around and saw him running up to me. "Answer me just this one question. How did you know?"

"Let's just say I have a way of knowing people. And I could never forget a face as memorizing as yours......OH MY GOSH I DID NOT MEAN TO SAY THAT LAST PART ALOUD!"

I started blushing. "If you wanna keep in touch, text the number you find in the bottom right corner of my drawing. I really have to go. I hope to hear from you soon" I said all in a rush.

I started walking to the car considering the mall was closing in 3 min. I let Zalanah know where I was than headed out. I was so embarrassed. He probably never wants to see me again. I just had to say that i found his face memorizing. GOD! how stupid can I be?!?!?

I had just gotten to the car door when my phone went off.It was from Niall

Hey. don't worry about b4. as u can tell i do want 2 stay on touch. maybe we could go out sometime. how bout 2marrow? about 9:30? i'll need your address. see you then?

I text him back

Well, I actually don't live in Boise, i live two hours away. but we r staying in a hotel for a couple of days here so....I'm staying at the Best Western. 3rd floor room 227

I hit send and waited for a replay. I didn't have to wait long. Dang that boy can text fast.

Really?!? we r staying at that hotel too. 3rd floor room 228. we r right next to each about that date......

of course! see u than.....and i guess possibly sooner since its the same hotel and all. ;)

lol. I'm going to let you go, but 1st, could u turn around very fast?


just do it please.

I was confused but did as asked. When I turned I saw Niall standing at the door of the mall waving. I blushed and waved back. He than winked and lipped the words "see you tomorrow."

I nodded and lipped "for sure". I than got in the car where Llyith and Zalanah were already waiting for me. I don't know how Zalanah got in the car without me noticing but at the moment i didn't care.

"What was that about?" Llyith asked.

"Oh nothing." i answered. I smiled and started humming the tune to Kiss You

I smiled as i thought to myself *Maybe I'm not so stupid after all. This just might be the best day of my life yet*



here is the song that Llyith sang to Lily. Poets of the Fall~Sleep 

PS. I just want to clear a couple things up real quick because you might be confused. Lily was turned at age 18. Llyith was born a full vampire. And Zalanah is a werewolf. The war between the two species ended 100 years ago thanx to Zalanah and Lily. Lily is 215 years old. Zalanah is 225 years old. And Llyith is 295 years old. The twitter user name I used (1D_Potatowan) is my real twitter. So follow me maybe?

Zalanah went to Vermont for a 1D concert and to get signed pictures for the three of them. Lily,Zalanah,and Llyith Live in Kimberley, Idaho in the country. Lily and Llyith had to go to Boise, Idaho to pick up Zalanah.

When they went to the mall they were still in Boise. I am aware of the fact that the Boise mall is only two stories not three but I don't really care. It's my story and i'll say what i want.


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