One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

I own all rights to this story. I have posted this story to another sight called Wattpad and Quotev. I created this and stole no ones ideas. I posted it on this sight because I wanted more people to read it. If posted on any sights besides Wattpad, Quotev and this sight, please notify me imeadiatly!(sp?)


11. It Was A DREAM?!?

I could do nothing but sit, cry, and think of how badly I treated Zalanah. The same, cruel words I had said, kept replaying in my mind. Over and over, and over.

"You are not my sister, and you never will be. If anything you are my Pet!"

The entire scene kept replaying itself. Eventually, with no sound at all. I was experiencing the entire thing, not through my own eyes, but as if I was on the ceiling. I could see everything clearly. The pained expression on Zalanah's face, the shocked expression on Llyith's. I saw Zalanah run out of the room with tears in her eyes. But the one thing that I saw the most, was the evil smirk, practically plastered on my face. I could see everyone, but was mainly focusing on myself.

I was so scared and confused. I would NEVER do that. So why did I? The tears were flowing freely now, and sobs racked my body. I was growing crazy from guilt.

Lily? Lily! I heard name being called over and over again. It almost sounded like thalking, but was to...echoey. Great.. I was hearing things. I really AM going insane!.

Lily. Please. I recognized the voice. It was Zalanah's. Of course it would be. I am going to start to destroying this elevator if the voice doesn't stop.

How long have I been in here? Minutes? Hours? Niall must be worried, but that doesn't matter right now. NOTHING matters.

Lily. Please. Open your eyes and wake up. Please! Just leave me alo- Wait. Wake up? WAKE UP? I've been asleep this whole time?!?!? No wonder!

My eyes immediately burst open, and at first, I could see nothing. Then, gradually it came back to me. I saw our room, the bed I was lying on, and the worried faces of Zalanah and Llytih. "ZALANAH!" I wrapped her in a hug so tight, it would of broken a humans spine. Luckily, Zalanah wasn't human. "I'm Soooooooooo sorry! Please forgive me!!" I begged

"Forgive you for what Lily?" She asked.

"For the awful things I said."

"Lily, is that what you were dreaming about? You were throwing such a fit. Your clothes are a mess because of it." At this, I looked down at the clothes I wore today, and saw they were drenched in sweat.

"Why don't you go take shower, and you can tell us about your dream." Llytih said.

"Ok." I agreed. Anything to get out of these rags. I ran into the bathroom, undressed and stepped into the shower. The hot water spraying felt so nice. It unstiffened my muscles, and warmed my clammy skin. "Hey girls," I shouted through the closed doors. "I know we decided laundry once a week, and I know that it is tomorrow, but can we put these ones in today? They reek!"

All I heard was silence, and the shuffling of feet. Then finally, Zalanah spoke. "Lily, laundry day isn't tomorrow. It's today."

"Oh. Even better." I replied.

"No," said Llyith, "it's not. Lily. You were out for almost two days."

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