One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

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6. Date Preporations

When The girls said that they would buy me a new outfit, I tried to tell them that the mall was closed. "That's why we left, remember?" I'd say, but they wouldn't listen.

"You forget sister, there are other stores. We don't need to go to the mall." Is all they would say. The entire time, I just keep thinking, *What did I get myself into?*

I spent an hour and a half at Macey's trying on outfit after outfit. Against my will, I might add. I was currently in the dressing room, trying on outfit number 25. "Guys. My date is in half an hour, and I don't even have an outfit. Why can't I just wear something I already have?" I asked, really annoyed that they wouldn't let me pick what I'm going to wear. For crying out, I'm not a five-year-old getting ready for the first day of school.

"Because Lily," Llyith answered, "you are going on a date with your soul-mate. You cant just go in whatever you feel like."

I blushed as she said soul-mate, but wouldn't let that stop me from getting my point across. "But Llyith," I argued, "If I'm going on a date with my soul-mate, shouldn't I be myself?" There was silence, because they knew I was right, so I pressed on. "Come on. You both know I'm right. I should be myself, and this outfit is defiantly not me." I said as I stepped out of the dressing room. I was wearing a long, black, tight fitting dress, that was way to low in the back for my taste. It was so low, it stopped barley above my bum. It was princess cut, and tied in the front. It was beautiful, which is why it's so wrong for me. It's beauty was hugely contrasted with my, well, non-beauty.

Llyth and Zalanah looked at each other, then at me, then back at each other. "You're right Lily. You should just be yourself." said Zalanah, "Just a prettier version of yourself." She said with a smile. This resulted in her face getting smacked by Llyith. "OW!" she shouted. "What was that for?" but Llyth just ignored her, and looked into my eyes.

"Lily, I have to agree, yet disagree with Zalanah. You should be yourself but, we're going to doll you up a bit. You're perfect, but you're such a tomboy, that you don't know that much about fashion. We just want to make you prettier than you already are." Llyith said, then she smiled, "Now go get out of that thing, so we can get you home an ready for your date."

I stood there, anger starting to build inside of me. "Did you guys hear me?!?! I'm NOT wearing this!" I yelled, while pointing to the dress. "I can barley move in this thing! How the hell do you expect me to have a pleasant date with it on?!?"

They both just kept smiling. Finally, Llyith spoke, "Lily, you aren't wearing that, or anything else you already tried on. We found the perfect outfit, and as you said, we only have half an hour, an we're not even at the hotel yet."

I was confused, and a little scared. Their idea of perfect, and my idea of perfect are hardly ever the same thing. But they were right about the time limit, so I didn't question. So I quickly took the dress off and put my clothes on. I may or may not of used my vampire speed, just a little bit to help. Either way, we were out of Macey's and back in our hotel, in five minutes.

I took a quick 5 minute shower, and then the girls got me ready. I couldn't tell what they were doing because they were using super speed, and I wasn't aloud to look. "You can look hen we're done," Zalanah said.

I could tell they were doing my hair a certain fancy way, and that someone was painting my nails. I tried to at least sneak a peek at that, but it only resulted in my getting smacked on the back of the head, so I tried no more. After that, I could feel myself being put into a shirt and pair and jeans. At least, I thought they were jeans at first.

"Really?!? A flucking skirt?!?! Are you flucking SERIOUS?!?!" I thalked. Llyith was right when she said I was a tomboy. And one thing most tomboys dresses and skirts. They girls knew I hated skirts. They just giggled at my anger, and continued to "doll me up". "This is going to be a very long night." I thought to myself.

I felt my hoop earrings being removed, and what felt like feather earrings replace them. I knew that lipstick was being applied to my lips, and a small ring was being placed on my right hand. After that, I was given a small clutch bag, and then, I was finally finished.

The girls smiled at me. "Can I finally see what how much of a wreck I look like?" I asked, with a smile on my face so they knew I was only half-joking.

The girls nodded. I walked over to the floor to ceiling length mirror. As soon as I could almost see myself, I stopped and closed my eyes. I took a few small steps forward so I would see me when I open eyes. I took a deep breath and then.............

There was a knock at the door.


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