One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

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3. Chapter 3

Okay Guys. This is chapter three. It is basically chapter 2 from Niall's point of veiw. Omg that rhymed. LOL XD sorry that was ADHD talking. Anyway as i was sayin chap 2 Niall's POV.

If you have a problem with that then stop reading right now and wait for chapter 4. If you have a problem and keep reading anyway that's your fault. Don't message me Hateful things about it. I told you and you chose you ignore. That's your problem not mine!

Sorry for that little out burst. Anyway on to the story.

OH! PS. I probably should of mentioned this earlier but in this story all the boys are single. No offence to any of them, but all the boys get taken later in the story and it would be awkward if they already had

P.P.S...... there is a Larry moment. I do not support Larry and I know that Louis and Harry hate it, but it is the only way i could think of Niall to get out of the bus unnoticed without any violence. NO HATE!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Niall's Pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The lads and I had just finished a concert in San Francisco. We only had two more concerts and than we were finished with the tour. Both concerts were in um....Boise. ya that was it. Boise, Idaho I believe. We were running a bit late because we had to keep stopping for directions and every time we stopped we were swarmed by fans. I decided to go take a nap until we got there.

When I woke up we were still driving. I got up and saw Harry, Zayn, and Liam asleep in an awkward position. All their legs were tangled together in a big mass. Zayn's head was on Liam's chest, Harry's head was on Zayn's waist, and Liam's head was on the floor by Harry's arms which were wrapped around Zayn almost in a protective way and Zayn's arms were the same around Liam, while Liam's arms were wrapped around himself.

I smiled and shook my head. "Those boys" I said to myself. I walked into the kitchen to get some food. I wasn't really sure what I fancied so I rummaged through the kitchen. I finally just settled for a couple slices of leftover pizza. I went to the front of the bus were Louis was driving. "Hey Louis, fancy a slice of pizza?" I asked.

"No thanks mate." Louis said.

"Suit yourself." I said and shrugged. Than started eating one of the slices. I soon finished it and started eating the other, but I tried to eat this one more slowly. "Hey Lou."

"Yeah Nialler?"

"Where are we. Are we in Bossie yet?"


"Whatever. Are we there yet?"

"Well, to answer your questions, we are in Idaho but not yet in Boise. We are in a small town called Twin Falls. We will be in Boise in about two hours."

"Great." I was so relieved that we were almost there. I loved the boys but we all need some time away from each other. Besides the tour bus was getting cramped. "So Louis, where will we be performing are concert in Boise?"

"At the Boise Mall. It's supposedly really big. The first level has all the animals and game stores and some clothing stores, the second level is all food court, and the third level has some clothing stores, electronics, and toy stores." Louis said excitingly.

"Wow that sounds confusing. People must get lost all the time."

"They do. That's why we are going to go there as soon as we are in Boise, so we don't get lost before, or after our concerts." Louis said. He was all but gushing with excitement.

I smiled and said, "Come in Lou, you just want to check out the toy stores." I said matter of factly.

"Well, um, that to. But the first reason is also true." he said and started to blush.

I laughed at my mate and he started laughing to. I decided to stay up with Lou for a while until we got to Boise. I was getting bored so I checked my Twitter. *Ok let's see new followers, new tweets, asking for a follow asking for a DM asking for a shout out same same* I thought to my self as I read through my twitter.

As I was skimming through a certain drawing caught my eye. It was of me, Zayn, and Liam. In this drawing, Liam was kissing a girl with long brown hair, Zayn was kissing a girl with medium length blond hair, and I was kissing a girl with medium strawberry brown hair. There are a lot of pictures out there but what caught my eye was that as I was just skimming it looked like an actual picture. But than I realised that it is a drawing. It is so life-like! I had to comment.

I looked at the user name @1D_Potatowan *Aww that's cute* I thought to myself. I thought about what to comment. Since me, Liam, and Zayn are it it I knew i had to say amaZayn, BriLiam, and phinomiNiall. I finally decided what to type.

@1D_Potatowan Wow! What an AMAZAYN pic. Did you draw this?!?! IT'S PHONOMINIALL!!! IT'S BRILIAM!!!! You have some skills gurl. I luv this pic. We should meet up sometime.

Then I DMed her my number

I smiled at what I wrote than tweeted it. I hope I get to see that girl. she is so talented. Who knows, we might even meet here in Boise.

-------------------------------------2 hours later-------------------------------------

We finally arrived in Boise. Liam, Zayn, and Harry were still asleep. I decided to wake them up. I normally would of woken them up with a song but since I was the only one up, besides Louis who was driving, I decided to do something els. I got three big buckets, filled them up halfway with ice, and then got three glasses of warm water. I put their hands in the water, than poured the ice on them slowly so they wouldn't wake up right away. When I was done I quickly took a picture and decided I would post it to twitter later.

I quickly admired my handy work. They were all pretty much buried in ice with wet spots forming between their legs. It took all my strength to not laugh. I quickly ran to my bed and pretended to be asleep. I heard Zayn get up first. "Wow 'vas happening? Why are we all buried? OH, NO! I HOPE MY HAIR IS OKAY!" I heard him get up and run to the toilet.

Next up was Liam. "What did....who did....when did......Harry get up. It seems we are in a predicament here."

"What the hell? Why are we in ice?"

"I have no clue. But where did Zayn go?" Liam asked. There was a pause.

"ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK!" They both yelled in unison.

I heard him run out of the toilet. " 'Vas appening?" he said.

"Why don't you tell us?" Harry said accusingly

"Hey. I woke up only two minutes ago in the same position you guys are in. I ran to the bathroom to check my hair. My shirt is even wet from the ice." Zayn stated matter of factly.

"If you didn't then who did?" Asked Liam.

"It had to be Niall." said Harry. "He's the only one who could of done it besides Louis. Louis' been driving so unless he pulled over to do this than it has to be Niall."

Crap I didn't think this through. I heard rustling and all of a sudden all three guys were in front of my bed.

"He's asleep." Liam said

"No he's just faking." said Harry

"How do we know for sure? He could of done the prank than fallen asleep."

"Liam, he couldn't of done the prank to long ago or the ice would of melted." Zayn said

"Guys have you met Niall? He can fall asleep at will." Liam said.

"Good point" Zayn and Harry said at the same time.

"So back to my question, how do we know if he's actually asleep?"

There was a pause and I heard movement. I took this opportunity to "wake up", not wanting to see what they had planned. I stretched and yawned than opened my eyes to see three very pissed off Brits.

"Hey lads, what's up?" I asked innocently

"You know very well "what's up" said Harry

"Um, I see a roof and some stains." I said while looking up at the ceiling.

"Niall stop playing stupid. We know you had something to do with that idiotic prank." said Liam

"Oh you mean this?" I asked while showing the pic to them. They got so angry, I couldn't hold it in any longer. The looks on their faces made me laugh so hard. They were really angry but I couldn't stop laughing.

When I finally stopped I looked at them with an innocent smile on my face. "Yes I did the entire thing. I needed to wake you lads but couldn't do the wake up song considering I'm the only one up, besides Lou who is driving the bus. By the way, it seems you three lads had a bit of an accident."

They looked at me with questioning glances. It took all my strength to not laugh again. I pointed at their trousers. "Your not going to greet our fans like that are you?" I asked innocently.

They all looked down and saw the wet spots. Their faces grew so red. Then they looked at me. The looks on their faces made their previous expressions look like ones of love. I was scared but didn't show it. I held up my phone. "If you lads try anything I will post this twitter and Facebook." I threatened

I don't think they heard me because they were all still angry and started to get closer. All of a sudden the bus stopped and Lou came running in.

"Lads, we're at the mall. Let's go!" He sounded like a kid going to Disney world. If I wasn't so scared I might of laughed at my mate's giddiness.

"You couldn't of picked a better time Lou." I said.

"Whats going on?" Louis asked.

"Nothin, I just had to wake up the lads. I did and now they're angry." I said innocently

Louis looked over at the lads and was trying not to laugh. Than he ran over to Harry. "Hazza! He didn't hurt you did he? If he did I will....."

I didn't hear the rest because as everyone was looking at Louis and Harry I took it as my opportunity to escape.

I walked up to the doors of the mall. I was about to go in but saw a paparazzi. Oh god.

Lou, did u tweet we were going to be at the mall? I texted my mate.

well....maybe...i was just so excited why?

Well there are paparazzi everywhere.


just keep outta sight.

I pulled on my hood, put on my sunglasses, and walked into the mall. i looked at my watch, since we were driving so slow we only had an hour till the mall closed.

I decided to head to the food court. *What level was that on? Oh well, I'll just have to find it.*

As I was walking around trying to find the food court I saw a lot of stores had a bunch of One Direction related things. *I have to be extra careful. Who knows how many fans we have here.*

I headed up to the second floor. "Finally." I sighed with relief. The entire second floor was food court. Where to eat?

I headed to the Starbucks and ordered a coffee. Than headed to Cinnabon and ordered three cinnamon rolls. As I was eating I saw a girl. She was so beautiful. And she had lots of shopping bags. I needed to go talk to her, but was to nervous. I never felt this way about a girl. What should I do?

She stared into space for a little bit than nodded and started to pick up her things.

*Now's my chance. If I don't go talk to her than I might never see her again.*

I walked over to her and got to her table just as she got up. She turned around and we bumped into each other.

"Oh. my god. I am ssoo sorry. I didn't mean to. I didn't see you.. Oh, my god." she rambled *God she is so adorable*

I caught a glimpse of the shirt she was wearing and smiled, It said Mrs Horan. *So she's a fan. better watch what I say* "It's cool. Let me help you. After all, it's my fault. I should of watched where I was going." I said, speaking in a fake British accent so she wouldn't hear my Irish one.

She smiled and started hurriedly putting things back in bags. I'm guessing that she didn't really want me too see what she was doing so I started picking up pictures that had fallen out of her purse. I'm guessing she drew them.

I kept sneaking glances at her. *Why does she look so familiar? I know we havn't met.* I just kept thinking the same thing over and over. I looked at her and saw she was blushing. *Poor girl.* "Hey don't worry about it. It was my fault" I said.

Finally we got all the stuff She said her thanks and started to walk away. As she was I realised that she looked familiar because she looked like that girl I was kissing in that photo some fan drew.

I looked down and saw that she accidentally left a photo. "Hey wait! Come back!" I said.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Here you forgot this." I handed her the paper. I looked down and saw it was the picture that the fan posted on twitter. I didn't know what to say. I just stared at it with my mouth hanging open.

She looked me in the eye with a smile on her face.

"You know what?? keep it. I drew it once i can draw it again. Besides," she paused, still smiling with a glint in her eye, "you seemed to really love it on twitter. You said it was, AMAZAYN, PHINOMINIALL, and BRILIAM remember? Go ahead Niall keep it. I really don't mind. If you want to get in touch I put my name and cell number on the bottom right corner of all my drawings."

Wow! so she knew who I was and didn't fangirl. This just made me like her even more. She started to walk away again.

"Wait!" I shouted. She came back again

"Answer me just this one question. How did you know?" I asked completely gobsmacked.

"Let's just say I have a way of knowing people. And I could never forget a face as memorizing as yours......OH MY GOSH I DID NOT MEAN TO SAY THAT LAST PART ALOUD!"

She started to blush. "If you wanna keep in touch text the number you find in the bottom right corner of my drawing. I really have to go. I hope to hear from you soon" She said all in a rush.

As soon as she was out of sight I desperately searched for her name and number. I almost thought that she had forgotten to put it on this picture until I finally found it in very tiny writing. Her name was Lily. Lily Freeman. Oh what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

I was heading out the mall doors debating on weather or not I should text her right away or not. When I was outside I looked up and saw her standing at a car door. Just standing there. She looked like she was mad and I felt bad. She was probably embarrassed about what she said to me.

I decided I would text her. Just so I could see her smile one more time. I really wanted to see her again. Maybe I could ask her on a date for tomorrow. 9:30. Three hours before our concert. I could even give her some tickets and VIP passes.

Hey. don't worry about b4. as u can tell i do want 2 stay on touch. maybe we could go out sometime. how bout 2marrow? about 9:30? i'll need your address. see you than? I debated about sending it to her but finally won the inner battle with myself and pressed send.

I saw her read it than smile and text back. Well, I actually don't live in Boise, I live two hours away. But we r staying in a hotel for a couple of days here so....I'm staying at the Best Western. 3rd floor room 227.

I was so happy. The lads and I were staying at that hotel to in the room right next door!

Really?!? we r staying at that hotel too. 3rd floor room 228. we r right next to each about that date...... I didn't mean to sound pushy but I really wanted to see her again. I was almost afraid she would so no. Almost.

of course! see u than.....and i guess passably sooner since its the same hotel and all. ;) Normally I would of made a very rude and sarcastic remark. But with Lily I felt different. When she said tha I actually found it a little funny. *Wow. I got it bad* I thought to myself.

lol. I'm going to let you go, but 1st, could u turn around very fast?.

I just needed to see her face. Once more.


She was so cute!

just do it pleez.

She was clearly confused but did as she was asked.

She turned around and I started waving. She didn't see me at first but than she spotted me. She waved back with a huge smile on her face. It melted my insides. Metaphorically.

I winked at her and lipped the words see you tomorrow. She nodded and lipped back for sure.

I smiled at myself and walked towards the tour van. I hope the boys forgive me for that little prank this morning. I walked in and saw all four boys sitting on the ground, arms crossed, with smirks on their faces. I eyed all of them suspicially.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

none of them said anything. Finally Harry asked," So what was about?"

"Huh?" I asked.

Liam rolled his eyes. " The girl."

"Oh Nothing. Oh, hey guys I'm going out tomorrow 9:30. If i'm not back i'll meet you at the concert." I said with a smile on my face and started heading to my bed.

"Does this have anything to do with that fan?" Louis asked

This got me angry. "SHE'S NOT JUST SOME FAN!" I yelled. I saw a little of fear in all of the boys eyes. I'm usually the one who loves life and has a carefree personality. I continued with a more gentle tone. "Lily's different."

"Oh, so she has a name." Zayn smirked.

"SHUT UP!" I yelled. "Sorry guys. Lily's different. I really care about her."

"But you just met her. You don't know anything about her." Liam said with concern in his voice, taking the role of Daddy Direction.

"That's why I'm taking her on a date tomorrow." I said and left it at that. I went to my bed but couldn't sleep so instead i logged on to twitter and just kept looking at the picture. Looking forward to tomorrow, not able to think of anything else. *I just hope that she likes me for me and not for Niall Horan from One Direction. I hope she doesn't have any standards just because I'm famous. And most importantly, I hope that one day soon, her and I become more than friends*


Again, the Larry moment was the only way i could think of Niall to get out of the bus without any fights or harsh words. I DO NOT SHIP LARRY! NO HATE!

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