One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

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10. Chap 7. The UNKNOWN side of Lily

I opened my eyes and looked over at Zalanah and Llyith, wide eyed. They looked back at me. "What time is it?" I asked, my voice starting to shake.

Llyith looked at her watch. "9:30" She said.

I looked over at the door and suddenly felt sick. "Crap. Llyith, Zalanah, someone! Stall him!"

Llyith and Zakanah looked at me with concern. "Lily, what's wrong?" Zalanah asked.

"Just do it!!" I thalked. I felt weak. Llyith walked to the door, and I ran to the bathroom. Lucky for me It's not close to the door, so Niall won't see, or hear me....hopefully.

I barely made it, but I did. I heard footsteps running in my direction, and next thing I knew, someone holding my hair. I knew it was Zalanah. I could smell werewolf. However, I could smell also human. Strange. After I finished loosing the inhabitants of my stomach, I looked up to thank Zalanah, only, Zalanah wan't there. The mystery person, was none other, than my date. *Son of a bit-*

"Are you alright Lily?" Niall asked, Unknowingly interrupting my thoughts.

"Yeah. Yeah I'm fine."

"You sure? We can do this some other time."

"No no. It's fine. Just a little nervous. That's all. I'm fine"


He helped me clean up as much as he could, then we went into the living room. We were just about to walk out the door, when I remembered my clutch bag was still in the bathroom. "One sec Niall. I forgot my bag. Meat you in the lobby?"

"OK babe, but hurry." He said before winking and walking out the door.

As soon as his footsteps faded down the hall I turned to the girls. "What the hell guys! You were supposed to stall him! Not let him in and tell him I was puking my guts out!"

"We didn't Lily" Zalanah said

"Well then how the hell did he know?!?" I screeched

"I don't know Lily" Said Llyith, "I didn't open the door until you were just out of sight from the door, but before you started puking. As soon as I did, he pushed past me, and ran straight to the bathroom, as soon as he got in there you started puking. I told you girl. He's your soul mate. He knows these kind of things."

That made sense, but something still itched at the back of my mind. I turned and glared at Zalanah.

"What did I do?" she asked.

"I don't know. Why don't you tell me?" I spat

"What? what the hell are you accusing me of?"

"When Niall was in the bathroom holding my hair, I thought it was you, because I smelled werewolf."

"Lily, I was in the same room."

"No you were in here. I smelled werewolf in the bathroom, but here's the thing. I didn't just smell werewolf. I also smelled human. Both on Niall. And the thing is, he smelled more werewolf than human!"

"So what?! Are you saying before we opened the door I quickly froze time, ran into the hall, made out with him, raped him, told him to run to the bathroom, ran back in here, closed the door, then unfroze time?!?"

"Actually no, I wasn't saying that at all. I was just curious. But thank you for admitting."

"Lily!!! How dare you!!! I would never!! I love you. You're my sister, at least you were!! I would never hurt you like that! And to think that you think I actually would, I guess we're not sisters after all!"

"Oh please! We were never sisters! I'm a VAMPIRE! You are a MUTT! You know how we said that your parents asked us to take you, because they couldn't afford to take care of you, and they loved you so mush that sending you away killed them?!?"

"Yeah?" Zalanah asked. Suspicion written all over face.

"Lily." Llyith said, with a warning note in her voice.

I ignored her and kept concentrating on Zalanah, "Well, we were lying! Your parents never loved you! They didn't even want you! They're not even dead! We just told you that so you wouldn't face the truth!" I screamed, a smirk placing itself on my face. I grabbed my bag, and started walking towards the door.

"A-and just what is th-the t-truth?" Zalanah asked. Fear lacing her words.

I froze. My hand resting on the door knob. I turned my head to the side, so I wasn't looking at her, but she could see my face. I smiled and said, "Are you sure you want to know?"

She paused. I knew she didn't trust her voice, so she thalked. "N-No. I don't want to know, but I n-need to."

I smiled cruley, and turned so my whole body was facing her. "Okay. Zee. First off, let me tell you, that's not your real name."

"What is it?"

"The very name you've despised. Zalanah, or should I say, Ophelia!" I saw her cringe. "That's right Ophelia. There's a reason you hate that name. That's the name your parents gave you! And you really want to know where you came from, I'll tell you. You came from a dumpster! Your parents never wanted you, so they put you in a dumpster, and we found you! You owe us your life, because if it weren't for us, you would be DEAD!

"LILLIAN!" Llyith shouted.

"What? She wanted to know, so I'm telling her. You can't be mad at me for telling her the truth. And she can't be mad at me either. If anyone, she should be mad at you, Llyith, for wanting to keep this a secret." I said, the whole time, an evil smile was plastered on my face.

Tears started streaming down Zalanah's face. "Awww. What's the matter Ophelia? Can't Handel the truth? Does the baby want to cry? Let me tell you something. You are not my sister, and you never will be. If anything you are my Pet!"

Zalanah ran out of the room covering her eyes with her arm. I just smirked in the direction she ran in, and Llyith starred at me. "Lily!!! What the FUCK is wrong with you?!? Zalanah is your best friend!!! Why are you acting like this?!? Why are you acting like a little bitch?!?'

"Me?!? If anyone's the bitch it's you! You wanted to keep that from her. Well what do you think would happen if her parents found her? Who do you think she'd blame?!? You know she knows who wears the pants of this "family"! I just saved her from a fucking tragedy!!"

I felt a sharp pain on my right cheek, and I literally flew three feet across the room. I looked up in my shock and pain, and just saw a very angry Llyith. "Lily. What happened to you? This isn't you. It has to be because of the...Never mind." Just leave. Now, before I loose my temper." She said calmly.

I was dumbfounded. Llyith not only lost her temper, but raised a hand against me. Me!!! HER SISTER!!! But there was something, the way she quickly changed the subject. Something was wrong. "Llyith. What were you going to say?"

"Why do you care?" She said

"Because I'm-"

"You wanna know what you are? I'll tell you!" She inturrupted. "You're nothing but a whiney little brat! All you ever do is take and take. I'm sick of it! Leave now!" She yelled.

"But Llyith, what were you going to say?"

"I SAID TO JUST DROP IT! WHY CAN'T YOU GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, THAT YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING! THERE ARE SOME THINGS IN THIS WORLD THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND! SO JUST STOP TRYING!" Llyith yelled. She was so pissed, she didn't even try to thalk. I just hope no one heard. She got up and started walking after Zalanah. I could hear her muffled sobbs coming from the bathroom, and normally it would of torn my heart, but right now, it made me feel.......happy. Happy that I had cuased her pain.

Llyith, grabbed my bag and threw it at me, with out even looking. "Have a goood time on your date Lily." she said, and walked away. I caught it in mid-air, and stood up. I walked out the room, and headed towards the stairs, but decided against it, and headed towards the elevator instead.

The doors opened, and I walked in. I pushed the button for the lobby, and as the doors closed, something changed. I pushed a button to make the elevator stop, so the cameras and lights went off as well. *What happened to me? Llyith was right. That wasn't me. What the hell happened?"

I'm not sure, but I was so overwhelmed with emotions, I just couldn't think straight. I slid down and sat on the floor, buried my face in my lap, and let all my emotions out the only way I knew how. I cried, and cried, and cried.

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