One Direction, Romance, and.......Vampires? A 1D Fanfic

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5. chap 5

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Lily's POV

I feel terrible, though, I don't know why. I think i'm hallucinating because I keep seeing Niall's concerned face. But sometimes I think I see Harry's, Louis', Liam's, Zayn's NIall's, Llyith's, and Zalanah's faces all mashed up into one face. That's when I KNOW I gotta be hallucinating. When I see that, i mentally scream for Niall's face to come back and it does. ALONE.

"How long has she been out?" I hear a man's voice ask.

"About an hour." I hear a woman's voice replay. I'm pretty sure that the second voice was Zalanah's. I felt like this was a good time to WAKE UP! If only I could. I tried to open my eyes but it felt as if there where dead weights attached to my eyelids. I felt suddenly fatigued.

"Shhh! Everyone quiet. I think Lily's trying to wake up." I instantly knew that voice. I would know it anywhere. It's one of those things you never forget. The voice belonged to Niall. Just knowing that he was in this room, worrying about me gave me a sudden strength, but I still couldn't open my eyes. I pictured how worried and concerned Niall must look right know, even if we only met hours ago. That's when I realised that I wasn't hallucinating at all.When I saw Niall's face, it was actually NIALL'S FACE. just thinking about that pained expression gave me the hope and strength I never knew I had.

I felt my eyelids flutter open. As soon as they did I was engulfed in a hug. I'm not usually the hugging type of person, but when I saw it was Niall hugging me, I hugged back, almost automatically. I could tell he had been crying before I even saw his face. I could smell the salty tears. Knowing that he cared about me so much that he cried over me made me hug him even tighter. When we broke apart I saw that his eyes were puffy and red, just like I knew they'd be. He had fresh trails of tears on his face. He hastily tried to wipe them away, but i wouldn't let him. Niall smiled at me and I smiled back. We just sat there getting lost in each others eyes. Someone cleared their thought and that's when I remembered that we weren't alone.

Niall and I blushed. He moved at sat next to me on the bed so I could look around the room. I saw that I was still in my hotel room. I was so confused. I almost thalked Zalanah and Llyith, but than remembered we had humans in the room. It would look really weired if we just sat there looking at each other. "What happened girls? I asked. "I remember feeling suddenly sick, than I passed out. But does anyone know why?"

" long has it bee since you've had a drink?" Zalanah asked. To humans it would sound like she was asking about water or something. But I knew what she meant. Blood. Fresh blood. I couldn't tell her how long. I just couldn't I had to lie without lying. When I was at the mall I had some water. I'll talk about that drink.

"About five hours." I said. this still worried the girls. To be perfectly healthy we need to have a drink every hour at least.

"WHAT?!?" Llyith screeched. She was so scary, I swear I even saw the boys jump at her outburst. "Lily are you out of your mind?1?!"

"Llyith, chill. It's not like i've gone months, or even years." Not a total lie. It has been 11 1/2 months since i've had blood, but only hours since i've had a drink of water. I knew she was talking about blood, but that didn't mean that I was. Good thing she didn't know that.

"Pardon me," Liam interrupted Llyith in mid sentence, "But why are you so upset if it's only been hours?"

"Well," Llyith said, I could tell that she had forgotten about the humans, and now that she remembered she was nervous. She didn't know what to say.

*Llyith, tell them we have a rare disease. It's not a lie at all. It is a disease just not the kind they think of. * I thalked.

Instead of Llyith answering, Zalanah took over. "Well you see. Lily, Llyith, and I have a very rare disease. If we wanna stay healthy we have to have a drink every hour, at least, minus the hours we're sleeping."

I noticed that Zayn and Zalanah kept sneaking glances at each other, as were Lyith and Liam. I noticed that Louis was looking out the window, *probably looking for relatives of Kevin.* I thought, then i noticed that Harry was also looking out the window. *probably looking for a puss.....i mean cat.* I thought, correcting myself. I know it's kinda selfish, but I kinda expected Niall to be looking at me. So when out of the corner of my eye I saw he wasn't, I was a little mad.

I looked over to see what he was looking at. I saw that Niall wasn't looking at me, but was instead looking at Liam. I looked over at Liam and he was looking at Niall. To us immortals, it looked like they were thalking each other, but to a human it would look like a Niam moment and.....wait.....NIAM! THAT IS MY FAVORITE BROMANCE!!! I couldn't hold it in any more. I had to shout, and shout I did.

"NIAM!!!!!!!!" everyone looked at me. The looks on their faces were to much. I started laughing. Everyone else was laughing to, but than it died down. Everyone else stopped, but I didn't. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

When I finally finished my laughing fit, I saw the boys looking at me with a mixture of amusement and confusion on their faces.

"What are 'yall starrin' at?" I asked

"You, luff." Niall replayed.

"Why? What did I do this time?"

"Your laugh is just so cute."

I felt my cheeks go as red as a ripe tomato. "So anyone wanna tell me what happened while I was out of it?" I asked

"I will" Llyith said.


Lyith's POV

When Lily fell Zalanah and I instantly rushed to catch her. "Lily!" we called out simultaneously. Than Lily blacked out. I was terrified, but I had to be strong and take control of the situation. I decided to thalk so no nosy neighbors would hear us. *Zalanah, Call the voctor. tell them what happened. Tell hem to not come over since we're at a hotel. Tell them to give you instructions and do EXACTLY what they tell you to. And remember to thalk through the phone. We don't want any neighbors to hear us.*

*Got it. What will you do?*

*I'm gonna make sure no humans heard us, and if they did then I will compel them to forget.*

Right as I thalked this, I heard pounding at our door, than I remembered we had conjoining rooms with one direction.


"Lily?!? Can you hear me? What's wrong? Why did two girls shout your name anxiously?!?!" A mans voice shouted. *Oh Fuck* I thought.

I opened the door. Who I saw was a man with blue eyes and brown hair that was clearly bleached blond.

I will admit, aside from Liam, I don't know much about how the boys look. I know that Niall has blond hair, and blue eyes. This person had blue eyes, but the hair was bleached blond.

I looked at him skeptically. I was about to close the door, but before I could he practically screamed, "Wait! Is Lily OK?!?" I looked at him in the eyes, What I saw was actual concern. I instantly knew this had to be Niall. You can't fake that kind of concern

I looked over my shoulder at Zalanah and saw that she had laid Lily down on the bed, and ran into the bathroom for a wet washcloth. I decided it was safe and let him in the room. I stepped aside and he came in immediately. His eyes scanned the room than landed on Lily. As soon as they did he rushed to her side. "OH MY GOD! WHAT HAPPENED TO LILY! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?!" He shouted.

"Niall. Calm down-"


By this time, Zalanah has come out of the bathroom. She put the wet washcloth over Lily's eyes and came over and stood behind Niall. As he was fuming, she put her hand on his shoulder and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

"Niall? Please calm down. We didn't do anything. Lily is ill. She should be fine no later than tomorrow morning. We talked to the doctor. She is fine and just needs rest. There is nothing we can do but wait." Zalanah said. Her voice so soothing. Niall was red and fuming, but at her last sentence, he broke down crying. He put his head on her shoulder and she comforted him, whispering soothing things in his ear.

After about three minutes he got off Zalanah. He went over to the unoccupied bed, turned on his side so he was facing Lily, shed a few more tears, and fell asleep. I went over to Zalanah. "So what did the voctor say?"

"He said that she had passed out from lack of blood. I told him how imposable that was because Lily had had some blood about four hours ago, right before we went into the mall, and than....." Zalanah trailed off.

"Zalanah? What did the voctor say? This is important. Think of Lily. We can't keep this information from each other. For her health and well being." Zalanah looked at me.

"He sad that there was only one other possibility that would only happen with a very, very rare case. He asked me if Lily was born a vampire, or bitten and changed. I told him she was bitten and he sounded discouraged, as if he was hoping I would of said she was born. Than he asked me if Lily had had any reoccurring nightmares or traumatizing memories recently. I told him no, none that I knew of. He sounded much more hopeful after that. The voctor told me that she was just a little sick and that she would be better no later than tomorrow morning."

I didn't answer. *But Lily has had a traumatizing memory.* I thought to myself.

"Zee? Did you ask him what it would mean if Lily had had a traumatizing memory?" I asked, my voice a little hopeful.

"No why?" She asked. I didn't answer and I didn't have to. "Why didn't you tell me she had her memory?!?"

"Zee, I'm sorry. I just...I-I just................ *sigh* I don't know OK?!?! Look I''m sorry I yelled but if you could of seen things from my perspective right then, then you'd of understood why I did what I did. I wasn't ashamed of it then and I ain't ashamed of it now. I think i made the right choice and I'm sticking to my belief. You can be mad or you can try to see things the way I did at the time. Either way, I'm not changing my mind so that's that."

Zalanah was speechless. Then we herd movement heading in our direction. We went into statue mode, making sure they weren't coming to our room. Luckily they weren't, however, they were going to the room conjoined with ours. The one 1D was staying in. We relaxed a little, but not completely.

"I'll be right there lads, I forgot something. Niall I'm ba-. Niall? Niall. Are you trying to prank me? Where are you hiding? Oh my god, Niall's actually gone!"

We heard footsteps running towards the door, a door opening, and a someone shouting, "Liam! Niall's gone!" We heard four pairs of footsteps running towards that room. After what sounded like a quick search, one of the boys said, 'Quick! Someone call the police!" Zalanah and I looked at each other with fear in our eyes.

I ran over to the door and yanked it open. "Don't call the cops. Niall is in here." The boys all looked over at me with anger written on there features. They all shoved passed me. Liam was the last one through the door. I noticed that he never gave me a dirty look. As he went passed me into the room, our eyes locked for the briefest of moments, and I felt butterflies.

I went into the room and found four pairs of eyes glaring at me. "What have you done to Niall!?!" the curly haired boy asked/shouted. I'm pretty sure he's Harry

"We didn't do anything. He just-" I started to say.

"BULLSHIT!" the boy with tattoos, (I'm guessing Zayn) interrupted. "If you didn't do anything then why is he crying? And why are his knuckles red? it looks like something hard hit them."

Just then, Zalanah came up behind Zayn. She tapped him on the shoulder and he nearly jumped out of his skin. She is really good at sneaking up on people.

"Zayn? You don't know me, but you can trust me. I swear we didn't do ANYTHING to Niall. If you give us a few minutes, we can explain everything." Zayn turned around. Their eyes locked, and I could hear both of their hearts start to beat a lot faster. I could tell that Zalanah didn't use compulsion, and something tells me, that it would actually be less affective. Yeah, I know love when I see it.

Zayn whipped around with a goofy grin on his face. "I think we should give them a chance to explain themselves." The boys rolled their eyes but agreed. So we told them our story. After the story, the boys were a lot more understanding. I noticed that ever since Liam came in the room, his eyes never left me and they still haven't. I also noticed that he never gave me a dirty look, as if he already knew there was a reasonable explanation.

"Oh, so that must be Lily, the girl Niall met at the mall." Louis said.

"Yup" I said popping the "p".

"And who might you two lovely ladies be?" Harry asked. *Oh Harry, you really are a flirt aren't you?* I thought to myself.

"Well I'm Llyith, Lily's half sister. And the girl who is making goo-goo eyes with Zayn, is mine and Lily's unofficially adopted sister, Zalanah." I replied.

By this time, Niall has woken up and shed a few more tears upon realising that Lily hasn't woken up yet. The boys tried to take him to their room, but he put up a fight and some some very colorful words until they just gave up. As soon as they let go of him, he ran over to Lily's bed and sat on the side, just watching her face.

That's when Liam decided to take over. "How long has she been out?"

We have to think for a minute, but than Zalanah comes to the rescue. "About an hour." I realise that she and Zayn haven't left each others side since they made direct eye contact.

Liam looked like he was trying to decide what to do, when all of a sudden Niall shouted, "Shh. Everyone, I think Lily's trying to wake up." We all huddled around her bed. I saw her eyelids flutter, but they didn't open. Than she had a look of strong determination and her eyes opened. As soon as they did,Niall engulfed her in a hug. Zalanah and I were shocked at what happened next. Lily hugged back without any resistance.



"And now here we are." Llyitth said, finishing. Of course she left out the parts about thalking, compulsion, blood, voctors, reoccurring nightmares, traumatising memories, my memory, vampires, and super hearing. So basically it just sounded like I was dehydrated and passed out, but she did tell me the whole story later after the boys left.

I notices that Niall and I are kind of in an awkward position. He was basically sitting on my lap and we both have our arms around each other. Niall must of noticed this because his face went red and (much to my disappointment) he removed his arms and moved so he wasn't on top of me anymore. He tried to get off the bed completely, but I grabbed his arm and wouldn't let him. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. I gently pulled him back on the bed so he was right next to me.

Everyone was engaged in their own little conversations. Zayn was getting to know Zalanah by playing Quickfire, and Liam was doing the same with Llyith. Harry and Louis were talking about there own thing. The only ones who weren't talking were me and Niall. I took this opportunity to ask him something.

"Hey Niall. I know we had that date tomorrow, but....well...I was wondering if we......." I said, purposely trailing off, to tease him a little. Yeah I'm mean. "Well......I don't want to sound pushy or anything, but do you think we could have the date tonight instead of tomorrow?" I quickly look at my watch and see that it was 7:30. "It could still be at 9:30 if you'd like. It gives us two hours."

He smiled. "Sure. I'll be back in two ho-"

"I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two!" I sang/shouted, interrupting him in mid-sentence. He just smiled and shook his head. "Hey what can I say? I'm a directioner for life." I said innocently.

"Alright. I can't really blame you. Me and the lads ARE really hot sooo, you are forgiven." He said jokingly.

'Oh, thank goodness. I woouldn't be able too live with myself if I knew that I'm not forgiven for loving music and five really hot guys." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. This just resulted in getting a laugh from Niall. *Oh, god. His laugh!* The rest of the boys, of course heard that we were changing our date to tonight, so they rushed Niall through the door, into their room. He was the last one out. He bowed and then said, "In two hours, ma' lady." Then the door was closed.

I turned towards the girls. "Who wants to help me get ready for my date in two hours?" By the looks on Llyith and Zalanah's faces, I knew I had just made the biggest mistake of my life. Llyith started throwing all my clothes on the floor, looking for the perfect look, while Zalanah started going through all my make up.

"Ugh. This simply won't do. You have nothing to wear." Said an exasperated Llyith.

"And you have no makeup for this." Zalanah said.

"We'll just have to go buy you a whole new look." They said simultaneously.

*Well. This is going to be a long night.* I said to myself, preparing for the longest two hours of my life.


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