the killing truth

a old man awaiting the queen but the old man wife collapsed and was soon in bad condition but it all crumbles what the old man did next.....


1. the only chapter

The killing truth

It was a dark Friday afternoon, the wind howled while the rain bombed England. It was an extraordinary week as the queen (Victoria) was making a special visit to Pritchard Manor on the coast of Cornwall; the queen was coming to visit because of our mine in my fields so we are well prepared.

But a tragic thing happen to my faire maiden Bridget with her hair as silk and her face of pure beauty and I didn’t care if she had the eye ‘on the farmer cross the road but I dealt with that soon enough and slit his neck and buried him in one of the mine`s. But back to my wife she fainted and collapsed on the floor and then I tried to rush over there but as I was old and unstable so I came over quick but safe.

I got the local doctor who lives’ next door and I had to break my opportunity to see the queen come in my manor and say ‘what a lovely habitat to live in’ well that`s my dream, but back to Bridget who was in the chamber room but the doctor asked to ‘stay outside, please’ so I did and then started to break out crying.

2 hours later and nothing have been told.

But then the worst news I got all day was that the doctor had told me that my Bridget had pass on to a better place, but that what they all say that there in a ‘better place’ but there not there in agony a person`s oblivion have started but shall never end.


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So you’re wondering what I did next, well this is what happen, I picked up the full iron fire poker and then, well what I did was evil and ghastly, I locked the strong crimson door and then brutally massacred the doctor and the last thing he said was ‘your eye`s are filled of madness’ and that made me chuckle.


I felled to the ground and what felled like fun and sadness mixed together, I really didn`t know what I felt like so I just kept laughing and wouldn`t stop, until it happen but that`s later.

6 days later and both body’s where decaying and I swear to god I seen my wife look at me or it’s in my head but the other creepy happenings happened.

1 day later and the moon grown 2 sizes through my dusty curtains and even though the windows are closed the dust got thrown of the curtains and laid in open space in the room that created a instant blur in my sight and then the door handle was making a noise louder each time while the wooden floor creaked further it got near me and my heart started to pound and my head was about to kill itself of pain and then it all stopped and silence fell to the room.

There was nothing to do except play checkers and there’s nobody to play with me and it’s not fair to be locked in your chamber with 2 corpses this must how people feel when there locked up in Bodmin jail for a while but, I have more class though.

A dark figure entered the room with its tattered rag untidily wrapped around its skinny scales of skin and its face was a shadow also wearing a hood and hold a huge fork pick that reflected like a mirror and yet it pointed at me with its long skeleton finger.


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Then I began to speak and said ‘so, I see you received the fake invitation I sent you’ I said sarcastically ‘I’m glad, I so wanted you here, you see it doesn’t matter if you sent me to hell, the devil would be driven mad, I proved my point, I demonstrated there’s no difference from me and everyone else, all it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive, that’s how far the world is far from where I’am, just one bad day, you had a bad day once, am I right I know am, why else would you kill for a living, you just had a bad day, and it drove you mad as anyone else.’’ ‘Only you won’t admit it, you got to keep pretending that life makes sense, there’s some point when all this struggling , GOD you want me to puke, I mean what is it with you, what made you what you are, wife killed by mother, brother carved up by mugger, something like that i bet, something like that, something like that, happen to me though not quite sure what it was, sometimes I remember it one way sometimes another’ then I shouted outline ‘IF IM GOING TO HAVE A PASS I BETTER MAKE IT MULTIPLE CHOICE’ I giggled then I said ‘my point is I went crazy, when I saw an awful black joke the world was I went crazy as a goose’ I chuckled then shouted ‘ I ADDMIT IT, why can’t you, I mean were not intelligent, you got to see the reality of life’ I chuckled and then shouted ‘IT’S ALL A JOKE, everything that anyone has ever valued or  struggle is all a monstrous domestic gag, so why can’t you see the funny side’.


I whispered to myself ‘why aren’t you laughing’.

The tattered thing that stared at me through my belief his black hood and it turn out to be the farmer that I killed and he got his revenge by sending me to demon’s asylum called HELL!

The people that I met in hell are gamblers and big headed, but the devil said he never seen such a state what I’ve done to people.



The End?







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