Sophia is like any other girl but then weird things start to happen to her. Someone or something is stalking her and she doesn't know why? The only way to find out is to confront it. However it doesn't go to plan.


3. The morning

Its only Tuesday why can’t it be Friday, I am fed up of school. On the upside Lola would be getting the bus today so I wouldn’t be stuck with the koolkids. That’s what everyone calls them. What a stupid name, the way its spelt only makes it less cool. All they do is pretend to be your friend then bitch about you behind your back. I hate those girls, I don’t care what my mum says, ‘hate is a strong word… blah blah blah.’ I hate them I really do. I wish I could get a lift to the bus stop; I’m tired and fed up why should I have to walk? Luckily its not raining anymore, now that would be dull. Is that, yes it is I can see Lola but who is she with?


‘Hi, who’s your friend?’

‘What friend?’

‘The guy standing…oh…I thought I saw a guy he was just standing there right now I swear.’

‘Sophia I think you need to get more sleep what time did you go to bed last night?’

‘Umm…I don’t know’

‘Well anyway you know the science homework did you get potassium as the answer to question9? Because that’s what I got but I’m not sure I did it right I mean I was just going to check with you before the lesson and…’

Why didn’t she believe me there was someone there, there was. Maybe she’s right maybe I just need more sleep or something. Yeah that’s probably it I was just imagining it of course it must be mustn’t it?

‘Yeah I got the answer as that too don’t worry about it, don’t get stressy, it’s only some homework and you know I will help you.’

‘Yeah I know sorry just got a bit worried that’s all.’

‘Anyway how did the competition go? Did you win or score any point? Tell me all the details.’

‘Well, we won!!! And…I got the winning point!!!’

‘Oh well done, that’s great!!’ I wish I could be as good as Lola at a sport, I can’t do anything! I am really happy for her though.

‘Thanks. What did you do last night?’ Whys my life so boring compared to hers?

Finally the bus is here, I can’t wait to get into the warm. Oh no it’s the ‘koolkids’ I bet they are already judging us. I hope there isn’t any traffic; I don’t want to spend too long with them. Oh no there’s not enough seats, great I am going to have to stand.

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