This is a little section that will give you a glimpse of the Book....
I dropped my heart at that point and ran out the door crying. I was alone now, no body will help me now. I ran screaming and crying, I could feel my heart pumping in my brain. My heart throbbing with the pain of losing him. A hard pain hit my stomach launching me backward into the rubbish. A pool a deep red surrounding my lifeless body.. losing conscience.
I heard screaming as I opened my eyes and stood up. Though my body still laid on the cold floor. Not moving, just the nearby people screaming and panicking and trying to save me but I was gone and alone forever... what would he think of me now??


2. Rose


Jason's P.V.O 

I heard many screams and cries, I suddenly thought of Rubes. I kicked on my simple Vans and swung open the door leaving it open as I headed to the loud noise. I slowed down as I heard children and jump and run away. What had happened?? I walked through the narrow gap between the abandoned houses to where the people were surrounding.  Only a man and a women stood over something under a blanket, the man cleared his throat and said "A young female, murdered as she ran through here. It was them." I couldn't be her could it, I slowly raised my hand onto the blanket and squeezed my eyes shut as I lifted it up slowly. I open to my eyes and to my horror, my beautiful Ruby. She laid there eyes shut, blue lips, Blood spilled everywhere and stone cold. I couldn't look any more, I couldn't move, I couldn't speak. 

Anyone but Ruby, I had lost my world now. I stood up and look deep into the face the laid before me. I felt a sudden shiver run through my body like she has just touched me. The memories shed through my mind, a sudden tear fell from my eyes. Soon I let go of my emotions and tears fled out of my eyes. I wrapped the blanket round my girls lifeless body and shoved it over my shoulder. She was gone now, I was trapped here, alone. 

Ruby's P.V.O 

I stood up and many people surrounded me, but they wasn't looking at me they was looking at something behind me. I turned round and there was my body, I was dead. What?? How?? Heavy foot steps shook the walls. The children scattered and hid, the only people stood there was a man and a women. I stared were the noise had come from and a usual face stared out from the shadows. It was Jason, he didn't know. I watched him walk round to the body and lift up the blanket that was put over my dead body. He stared at me, without moving. What would happen to him?? He stood up, I wanted to touch him  and tell him I was okay and I would be safe now. I touched his shoulder, he shivered like he felt it. I slow tear fell from his eyes, then he let out his tears. I had never see him like this. He wrapped the blanket around me and shoved me over his shoulder. I couldn't watch, I just ran. What is happening to me?? I am here alone. No body can see me but me. 

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